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Wheezing after lobectomy

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Hi. I'm new to this site so if I'm not doing this right...my apologies. I have a question that none of my doctors will answer. Since my lobectomy last December I am wheezing especially first thing I the morning. I've never had asthma in my life. I also don't believe I have it now. But I am wheezing. When I first asked my doctors about it......they just said 'well you shouldnt be' and prescribed an inhaler which I use daily. Does anyone else have this issue?  And what is causing it?  Like I said I have never had asthma or any allergies. 


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Hello, I had a lower right lobectomy on 9-23-10 with the vats procedure.  I weeze and have mild copd, I was a 35 year smoker so I know thats why I weeze.  I was perscribed inhalers and used them initially while recovering.  I don't use them now but sometimes I will weeze, and I attribute that to all the years of smoking and the copd. 

This might not be the case for you as I know that everyone that gets lung cancer is not a smoker.

I wish you well and sorry you had to find us.  Lori Cool


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My wheezing did not start until after surgery. That is my question. and yes, I also smoked. But never had any wheezing....ever. I'm wondering if I'm having a reaction to the staples they used to seal me up. (I know I'm reaching with that thought) but to not get an answer from my doctors makes me wonder. I had a left upper lobectomy, stage 1A KRAS (not good). But had my first scan NED. Im now on the countdown for the second scan. I must add some days I have no wheezing. Some days it's all I do. I guess it will remain a mystery. I was offered a steroid inhaler but nixed that. I'm not really sure about those and the adverse effects. But lately I'm thinking of reconsidering. 

Texas Mimi
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Kazzy B, I had the right upper lobe removed and also several lympth nodes in August last year. I have never smoked and my tumor was found after an x-ray for phenumonia. I had Vats surgery. I use an inhaler twice a day and I have an emergency enhaler also. I still wheeze quite abit and get short of breath when I do something really physical. The Drs have told me it was something called Stryders. Hope this helps.

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