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I am going to be a guest speaker At local Relay for Life - UPDATE

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On Thursday evening I recieved a call from a gentleman asking me if I would be the guest speaker at the opening ceremony for this years local American Cancer Society 'Relay for Life' on Saturday. 

Well, that was a surprise. 

I guess two different people had put forth my name as an inspirational 'survivor'. 

I actually don't consider myself a 'survivor' but I do consider my self as surviving. There's a difference, at least to me. 

So, I accepted. 

I have to talk about my diagnosis and how I've handled treatment and what I do to keep positive at Stage IV. 

Wish me luck. Send up a few prayers. Heaven knows how many people I will be speaking too. I may look out over a sea of faces and have a full-blown Chemo brain stall. 

I'll be advising all over 50 to get their Colonoscopies. 

Sue - Trubrit

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You have quite a story to tell that I'm sure will be inspirational to your audience.  Take some notes in case chemo brain strikes, lol.  I'm sure you will be great!



Fight for my love
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Fantastic. I am sure you will do well. One of my friends had a speech for American Cancer society last year, she helped to collect over 10K donation because of her speech.

Good luck to you with everything.

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I think you'll do great! How exciting!

A few weeks ago a fundraiser was held for me and I knew I had to give a speech during it. I was so nervous! I told my husband that public speaking was one of the things I hoped I'd never have to do in my lifetime. I choke up if I'm with a small group of people and I realize more than one person is listening to me. Anyway, I gave my speech and encouraged people to get their colonoscopies and for guys to bend over and cough and women to get the squeeze and I hope I encouraged at least one person to do so. Everyone listened well and it was actually much easier than I'd anticipated.

I know from seeing your posts that you're an uplifting person who is caring and that will come across and it will be a positive experience. Good for you!!!


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You will do a wonderful job. As others have mentioned, you are an inspiration. I wish we could all be there to applaud you. Laughing

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Congrats to you!  I know you will do a great job! You are such a positive, supportive person! 

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Your positive attitude and wealth of knowledge will inspire your audience. I know you inspire me!

Take care.


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You will do fine.  Even if you have a full blown chemo brain stall and are only able to deliver 1% of what you do here all the time in terms of knowledge, support and the rest, you will still be amazing without a doubt.  So don't worry and do your thing :)



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Got that over with. 

So, I made all these neat little notes, and didn't even read them. After I'd finished, I accidentally dropped them, the wind blew them in all directions, so I joked that everyone got it in the end. 

I think it went fine. You know, people are supposed to come up to you and say what a wonderful job you did, so really, I don't know how well it actually went. 

I guess I felt OK about it, so it must have been at least 'all right'. 

I got my point across about getting a colonoscopy at 50, or 40 for those with family history.

I told them that radiation was Hell on earth, and if I could save anyone from that, then my job was done. 

Attendance was pitiful, in my opinion. I talked to the event organizer afterwards and asked how I could help. I intend to get half of our little rural town out next year. OK, not half, but allot more than today. 

It felt so neat, walking around the track as a 'survivor', having people clap as you passed. I held my head up high for all of us. 

So very glad that it is over. 

Thank you so much for your kind words in this thread. It really makes me feel like I can 'do something' for others. 

Group hug  -    .

Sue - Trubrit


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Yay! It's over! A low turn out but maybe a few people will think about getting checked or talk to others about it. You did what you could and that's enough.

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I would have liked to have been there,bui was in Chicago area  visiting my daughter.  Glad it went well!

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I'm glad it went well for you.  If only one person gets a colonoscopy from the crowd that is still amazing!  You sound like a definate "doer" and not a talker.

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Sue! I knew you would represent us well. Even though turnout was low if you convinced one person to get screened it was well worth it. You may have saved a life, you never know! Congrats!


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I aapreciate that you did that for everyone on the board, as well as others who are in their own fight with cancer.

I'm sorry it was such a low turnout. Maybe next year it will be better. I find that sometimes people are away in the summertimes, so maybe that was part of it.


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Sorry I missed this earlier and couldn't have wished you all the best beforehand. I'm delighted to hear that you spoke from the heart rather than your notes. The best wisdom in the world is the lessons we have learned from our own lives, so sharing your hard-earned wisdom was the most generous and powerful thing possible. Good for you!

I know it will probably get lost in here, but I am a professional speech coach and will gladly donate some time to help anyone in the CSN community who gets the call to speak in public.

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That's awesome Sue. What a great story. I am proud of you. the first year I was diagnosed I did the survivors walk. You are right it is pretty moving. All of those people cheering for you.

Fight for my love
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Dear Sue, you are the best!  I am so happy for you.

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