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third recurrence of uterine cancer.

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I was diagnosed in 2011 with uterine cancer stage 1B and had a raqdical hysterectomy folllowed by 25 rdiation treatments and 4 brachytherapy treatments. I was cancer free until July 2014 when I had a enlarged lymph node in my neck and two small lymph nodes in my chest. I had 19 radiation treatments on my neck and 6 chemo treatments for the two in my chest.  I was cancer free in aDecember 2014. I just had apet scan and now they tell me I have a sport on my shoulder blade.  Is this common to have it recur two times?

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What was the grade of your cancer?  Mine was State 3a Grade 2.    My Grade makes me in the middle - meaning moderately agressive.   Grade 1 is less agressive and of course Grade 3 is very agressive.  If you were a Grade 3 then it is not uncommon at all.   With my grade, I have already had a recurrence and am possibly looking at another.  But becasue it is not as agressive, I have been taking a wait and see approach.

Are they going to give you another scan?   

My best to you.


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Lauralmh, it is hard to say.  Eveyone is different and there are so many other health factors we don't know - and don't need to know.  That is your private information.  Anything is possible, but as hard as this is, I can hear the fighter in you!!!  

Because I think we are curious, can you tell us how this was found?  Did you notice it and contact your doctor?  Was this on one of your follow up appointments?  How often were you going?

Praying they can knock this out for you.

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Lou Ann M
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I was diagnosed in Aug. 2013 with stage 4 high grade serous, papillary endometrial andocarcinoma.  I had radical hysterectomy and the sandwich treatment (three chemo/ Taxal/carbo, 28 internal radiation, 2 brachytherpy, three more chemo treatments.) Everyone was really condfindent that we were home free.  I had my port removed(dumb move on my part)  Well 7 month later it had returned and had matstisized to my neck, liver and Abdomen'  5 more rounds of chemo, and again things were looking good, so I got a chemo holiday.  4 months later it was back, this time hiding between my intestines.  6more rounds of chemo ( it stopped working) and mets  kept growing, went to visit my hert lining for awhile. tried a new chemo (Doxil).  it is slowly shrinking the ones in my intestines, but have a new one near my aorta.  They did seem to leave my heart lining.  More good than bad.  I don't think i will be etting a chemo vacation anytime soon.  I am hoping and praying to remain stable.  I know this does not happen to everyone, but i have no idea of percentages.

I wish I could count, I thought it was 23.  Today was Chemo #22, My 5th Doxil.  It does a number on my digestive system and makes my feet burn, but it is keeping me stable. so I shouldn't complain.  I am truely blest.  Hugs to everyone  Lou Ann

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As you've pointed out - our journeys are so similar except that I have had progression then stability then progression again.  As the clinical researcher of the trial I am about to enter told us - the goal is to string together a series of treatments that keep me stable and the. When I mutate around that treatment - move on to the next one that keeps me stable.  The options are running thin for me but I have done some much while living with this.  And I have lots more to do!  Hugs to you

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Nasty ole disease, It keeps us anticipating more assault and beats it's own drums whenever.GEEEZ!!!

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I have had 3 recurrences of uterine cancer. Recurred in 2008; 2010; 2013. Taxol/carbo was the chemo.  I am now in remission for 18 mo.

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Paris11, I am curious what you were diagnosed with? Uterine cancer type, stage and grade? Stay NED forever!




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Hi Cathy,

I was DX with Uterine Cancer 1B in January 2007.  I had full debulking and x3 internal radiation at Northwestern in Chicago.  The onc/surgeon did not recommend chemo (big mistake).  Onc was a young woman with a great resume but little experience.

In January 2008 the cancer had spread to liver, abdomen, and lymph nodes.  TX ( Julian Schink MD) was carbo/taxol.  I was in remission for 18 mo.

In June 2010 the cancer recurred in one lymph node. TX (Julian Schink MD) was IP chemo  taxol/carbo and 6 weeks of radiation (Wm. Small MD.)  I was in remission for 30 mo.

In July 2013 the cancer recurred in spleen and diaphram.  I had a splenoctomy (David Mahvi MD) and Julian Schink MD resected the diaphram.

Chemo was 6 tx of dose dense carbo/taxol (Gus Rodriguez MD). I left Northwestern because Julian Schink MD relocated to Michigan. I am 18 mo. in remission.

I am 104 mo. with recurrent cancer. I have fine quality of life.  Some days I am fatigued.  For the most part, I just try to roll with it.



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I had hysterectomy in 2001 - atypical hyperplasia but no actual cancer.  Recurrence in vaginal vault (grade 1 adenocarcinoma) in 2007 treated with radiotherapy.  Another recurrence at left pelvic sidewall in 2010 (grade 2), treated with surgery and carbo/taxol chemo.  Further recurrence at pelvic sidewall 2012, being treated with hormone therapy and also Cyberknife radiotherapy back in October 2014.  Sometimes it's really hard to knock this beast right down. 

Kindest wishes

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