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Stage1A Total Hysterectomy Post Six Months Bleeding

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Hi Everyone,

I am a little worried as I was ever so luckly diagnosed with stage 1a endometrial cancer adeocarcinoma.  I had a total hysterectomy and no more treatment.  Thing is five and six months after, I have had slight bleeding and back pain.  Also, pain under arms where lymph nodes are.  Seeing doctor soon. What is best course to determine what this is?  Read PAP does not detect recurrence.  Know others are out there with much more serious diagnosis.  Praying for my sisters.  God Bless.

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Anytime you have something can be worrisome.   You are doing the best thing by seeing your doctor.    Be completely honest with them.   If you say "well I am ok, worried about this or that" they may not take notice.   Be forward and say.   This is what has been going on with me.   Tell them exactly how long, type of pain, and the pain under your arms.   Also, did you call your PCP or your oncologist?    I would call the oncologist and tell them what you are feeling.   Don't hesitate to call them either.  

My best to you.  I hope all is well.


PS   My current oncologist doesn't even do PAPs anymore  (even though prior to him I had two abnormal PAPS and one had HPV positive).   He says it doesn't detect endometrial cancer.  I still had him do a PAP on me last year (it was negative and normal) because I just wanted to know if anything other than endometrial cells where there.

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Hello Prissy777,

I was diagnosed with Endometrial Cancer Stage 1A, grade 2 in early October 2014.  Like you, I had a total hysterectomy with no other treatment.  I am going on 9 months with NED and so far all my check-ups have been fine.  At each follow-up visit, my gyn-oncologist conducts a pelvic exam and has me get a CA125 blood test.  With that being said, I have had the similar symptoms as you.  Since, the cancer diagnosis, I am very conscious of all my aches and pains and I worry about everything.  With regards to the slight bleeding, I have that.  Initially, the first incidence of bleeding was because of granulation tissue and that happened in January.  My oncologist treated it with silver nitrite (I think) and as a matter of course, he had a biopsy of it but luckily it was negative.  I continued to have intermittent very light bleeding so I went to my regular gynecologist and she diagnosed vaginal atrophy (thinning of the lining caused by menopause) which she said is causing little papercuts and therefore bleeding that comes and goes.  She said normally doctors would prescribe vaginal estrogen cream (i.e., premarin) but because of my type of cancer, she told me she wouldn't recommend that treatment.  Instead she has me using Replens (for the dryness) and hydrocortisone ointment for the papercuts.  With regards to the back pain and pain under the arms, I have that too and my PCP (notice that I have seen every doctor I have in these last 9 months), this doctor has told me it is probably stress and skin irritation. 

All my doctors have said that if a condition comes and disappears after a few days and since my pelvic exams and CA125 blood tests are good, I shouldn't worry but I think it is sometimes easier said than done.  My gynecologist has told me that I should worry about symptoms that are new and last 3 weeks or more. 

Because they caught your cancer early, I don't think it is anything to worry about especially if you don't feel any lumps under your arm (you didn't say but I am guessing) but I would be interested in what your doctor will say. 

I wish you the best,


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