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Lung Biopsy A Typical

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So I have 2 x nodules grown to 7mm and 8mm in the last 3 months on my right lung (from 5mm), watching them carefully. However the scan showed that my Hilar lymph node in my lung was enlarged and v suspicious as in reasonable proximity to the nodules. Biopsy bronchostomy a week ago of the Hilar shows A typical cells...although this was a very small biopsy.....how conclusive is this ?

Prior to the biopsy my lung surgeon said he would operate and take about 60% of the lung if the Hilar showed up as mets cancer. He believes the Hilar is infected but now feels that he would have to take the whole lung to be sure. Which he now refuses to do at this stage as it would effect my morbidity.

My oncologist told me this news tosday. His view right now is to watchfully wait and scan again in 6 weeks. There is a clinical trial here right now sunitinib vs nivolumab/ipilimumab.....I dont qualify right now because my growths are too small....he wants the lymph node to be 1.5cm...its currently 1cm.

So I am waiting again...it is very frustrating but I guess I don't have any chioces right now. I have a lot of feedback from survivors pushing HDIL2 and I am in initial discusssions with prof Hawkins of the Christie Clinic in Britain.

I am tending to think give the C trial a go and then assess results to see how I respond....I hope I'm a 'GOOD' RESPONDER


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I hope you are a "Great Responder" Too!!  Others will weigh in but I think there has been great success with those trials.  You have lots of reason to believe you will be one of the success stories!

Waiting is always the hardest part, terribly frustrating.  Take your time and the right answer for you will come.    Hang in there...Hope and Prayers and all good thoughts are heading your way!!


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