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inside is doc report of ultrasound. please does anyone know what any of it means? scared and nervous.

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hi, been in and out of the doctores office for many months. blood drawn, tests after tests. they did a 2nd ultra sound this time for my liver. but found a cyst on my kidney. liver enlarged (possibly fatty liver), and shadowing of pancreas. i'm honestly more concerned about the cyst. can i trust that they know it's most likely a cyst? not cancer or anything? below is my ultrasound report and i don't understand more than half of it. anything off? sorry just panicking. i'm 35, have 4 kids...so i worry alot with news like this. 



Your US was ok--a kidney cyst that is likely benign but needs to be re-imaged in 3 months (call and we will enter the order in 3 months with your new pcm) and a fatty liver (most likely a fatty liver--if you like I can refer you to gastro for their opinion, just let me know.) Your liver enzymes have normalized and the remainder of the work up we did was normal/neg.


Exm Date: JUN 01, 2015@09:20
Req Phys:  Loc:  FAMILY PRACTICE-X (Req'
Img Loc: 
Service: Unknown
Pregnancy Screen: Patient answered no

(Case 151 Released) US RIGHT UPPER QUADRANT(RUQ) (US Detailed) CPT:76705
Reason for Study: lft elevation

Clinical History:

Report Status: Verified Date Reported: JUN 01, 2015
Date Verified: JUN 01, 2015
Verifier E-Sig:/ES/

Comparison: None.  

Technique: The study was performed by ultrasonographer.  


The right hepatic lobe measures 13.0 cm. Echogenicity of the
liver is increased. 

No intrahepatic or extrahepatic biliary dilation is seen. The
common bile duct measures 3-4 mm in diameter. 

The gallbladder is not abnormally distended. No shadowing
gallstone, gallbladder wall thickening or pericholecystic fluid
to suggest acute cholecystitis.  

The pancreas is not well seen, obscured by overlying shadowing.  

No free fluid in the Morrison's pouch. The right kidney measures
9.9 cm in maximum sagittal dimension. Normal right renal
cortical echogenicity. No pelvicaliectasis in the right kidney. A
1.6 cm cyst is noted at the right inferior pole, with small
peripheral calcification. There is no concerning mural
thickening or Doppler flow.  


1. Echogenic liver, which can be seen with hepatic steatosis, 
hepatitis and/or fibrosis. No focal hepatic lesion identified. 

2. 1.6 cm cyst at the right inferior pole with small associated 
calcification. This could represent a mural calcification or
small stone within a dilated calyx. Follow up renal ultrasound
is recommended in 3-6 months to assess stability.  


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for that cyst being rcc. The features they found indicates its benign. But to be absolutely sure they want a followup to see that there are no changes/growth. 

And even if its malign its so small that your long term prognosis would most likely be excellent. I wouldnt be very concerned if I was you .


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You are a long way from being diagnosed with Kidney Cancer. Let's keep it that way. Follow up with the additional scans reqested and may your next reprt readall clear.



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I agree with the above. I don't think you have anything to worry about but the follow up is important so they're doing the right thing.

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I concur with all of the above comments.  No worries, just followup.

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Sounds like a really good, open, Doctor!

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Thank you everyone for taking the time to respond and reassure me. i just want the 3 months to go by fast and for them to rescan me & tell me everything looks good. So sorry for the annoying panic attack. I'm so glad the doc was honest with everything. Just scary to take in all at once. Just praying it's nothing. Also praying for you all since this site is about cancer. 

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Live well

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Had my 3 month ultra sound checkup. Good news is my cyst didn't grow in size. But they want to follow up in 6 months because I have a little calcification on my cyst. What does this mean? I'm so relieved and so grateful it didn't grow but worried what calcification could mean? 

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The doctor can do a scan on you to get a better picture. Why don't you ask him for a cat scan?  They can more clearly see if this is a kidney stone that is hiding inside.  I would go ahead and do that rather than worry about what it is exactly. It can very well be a stone.  In any case, good that it remained the same.  

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Calcification could mean absolutely nothing but that's why they're monitoring you, which is a very good thing. The fact that it hasn't chaged is a very positive sigh. All the best! 

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