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Still NED at over 5 years with stage IVB UPSC

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I just want to let you all know that I had an appt. with my gyn/onc's office today to do my final follow-up on the paracolic gutter mass that was found by CT scan and PET scan last year.  He had seen me three times last year and I'd had a CT scan and labs each time, plus the PET scan early on.  The mass hadn't grown as of Dec., and he thought it wasn't malignant, but he'd asked me to wait 6 mos. and have one more scan so he could be absolutely sure.  The mass was found this time to be slightly smaller, 1.2 cm. x 1.2 cm.  My CA-125 was 6.9, which was also good.  His office is going to stop from ordering CT scans now and just order the labs from now on as long as I don't have any new bleeding or other symptoms.  I won't have to go back for a whole year.  Yahoo!  It's been a long five years.  I feel incredibly lucky. I hope you all get this kind of good news someday.

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So very happy for you!  You have been through so very much.  You give me hope and for that, I am so greatfull!!!  Best, Debrajo

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What wonderful news!! It's so inspiring to see what you have overcome. Congratulations! Sandy

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This is wonderful news - thank you for sharing it.  We need to read success stories like yours, to know that it is possible to come through this awful disease and beat the odds.  May you have many years of good health ahead of you.

Kindest wishes

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thanks for this very hopeful news!

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Wow!  Terrific News!   I am so happy for you!

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Thank you all for your very nice comments.  I wish you all success in your own and your families' battles with this.

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WAHOO!!!!! I hope you celebrated, at least with a fist pump or a happy dance!

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