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This is {NED}.  This is your face on NED Cool. Any questions?

The pain I've been having is a prolapse because when they took out the muscle, there simply wasn't enough support, I can deal with that (physical therapy and/or minor surgery to give support. TBD which.)

I feel 1000 lbs lighter than I did an hour ago.  

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Sure you are happy to shed 1000 lbs.  congrats :)

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Thanks, yes 1000 lbs is heavy.  I hate the waiting game. I wish they'd just call as soon as the results are in, save me wasting a day of my life.  I tried to be fine but it wasn't working so it was definitely a wasted day.

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Good for you!! Congrats!! Celebration weekend at hand!  Yay Yay Yay!!!!!!  Cool

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way to go !

ok couldn't resist.



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lol hi diddly ho!

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 Jumping for joy.

 Dancing with pleasure. 

Congratualtoins!  Keep yourself healthy and happy and NED for years and years to come. 

Sue -Trubrit

Cathleen Mary
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NED is a great name!  Enjoy! So Happy for you.


Fight for my love
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I'm so happy for you. Great news!!!

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Doinng a little dance for you, NED is always wonderful to hear about.

Many more years of NED FOR YOU!!

Hope your muscle problem is taken care of easily or at least with little discomfort.


Winter Marie

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Lack of muscle is the problem, it was removed so it's most likely going to be something artificial to hold up what the muscle used to hold in place.

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I'm breathing a big sigh of relief right along with you.

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So glad to hear - such a relief!

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That's awesome Helen.

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I am sooooooooooooo glad to hear the good news and am totally happy dancing around the universe with you!!!  I have no idea how to do Sue's spinny man, but that's how I feel upon this news :-D

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lol Me too I can't even load a picture of Ned Flanders!

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NED's the best, keep stringing those clear scans together!


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I'm so happy for you!

Keep it up!


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So very, very happy for you!!!!  Happy dance all around.  Great news Helen.  Congrats!  Traci

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What great news!

Hugs from Germany


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What fabulous news! And what a weird world we live in when such news qualifies as fabulous. When you're a pro at this, a little PT and some minor surgery is like a walk in the park. You're going to come out of this stronger and fitter. 

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lol Yup I just said that to someone.  They said "oh no surgery" and I said "oh no minor surgery, cake walk".  Sad but true.  I don't think anything will ever beat the last surgery I had, that was rough.

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Just super news....... enjoy.  And I think it is like being a million pounds lighter.

Enjoy every minute!!!!!!!

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Wow!  That is great news!

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Great news

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THANKS ALL!  I wish there was a like button on this website.  I'm so thankful to all of you for the encouragement.

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