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Long Time

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Well it's been a long time to post anything, I have try many times and been unsucessful due to the effect of the drugs. Now that I'm past Zytiga and on to Xtandi. The battle is to the spine area with Metastatic disease in my L4-L3 with some trauma to the area. My PSA rose to 7.6 at the end of Zytiga and with Xtandi seen to have drop to 4.7-5.0 for three months. Well my mind is going way and don't sleep well at night. The last 6 months the radiation treatment back in 2009 has cause little growth to show up in my Bladder causing bleeding and surgery and it cause by residual radaition. Well I will check in later!

God bless Ralph

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It always good to see you post.

I hope that Xtandi will be successful for you.



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It is wonderful to read another post of yours. I know how difficult it is for you to write long sentences but short ones are just fine and tell us as much. We are grateful for your efforts in sharing your experiences.

It is nice to know about the improvement caused by the antiandrogen Xtandi. Probably the side effects will diminish too. I wonder if you had any positive result indicating cancer at the L4 & L3 sites. In fact, the L3 symptoms could be related to your bladder problem.
I know you are against radiation treatments but they can apply it efficiently in those spots to fight pain if such become unbearable and drugs are ineffective. Be attentive to any anemia condition.

I hope your situation improves in all fronts; the cancer, physically and mentally.

Best wishes,




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Thankful for all your help, But the this treatment in February 2015 was one that target L3-L5 using 18MV photons. The radiation 2009 which was not photon, which could have done damgage to the L3-L4 site. All the symptoms looks like Metastatic disease and with the latest radiation treatment the pain has back off some. The bladder problem  start in October2014, it took my mind off of the cancer.

On a other note, I was under the impression that the Dallas 2009 Radiation was Photon,but was not a true. Xtandi side effect are worst than Zytiga so far. I hope the conditions inprove, if not I will be short timer on Xtandi.

Keep on smiling, Ralph

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This drug is starting to look like it brings worst problems than Zytiga+prednisone. In just 4 months it's starting to wear me down. Xtandi might be a great drug, but the jury is still out with me.Sealed

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I posted my story on the lung forum--I had the lung thing--still have and had prostrate and bladder cancer also--Any one reading this post --please read the story of how I used food to fight this CANCER

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I wonder what you are aiming in this CSN cancer forum. You have been claiming to have a series of cancers but the talks go all in the same theme of holistic products that cure maladies. You never explained in detail about the treatment processes and I feel it hard to believe that this post of yours (and its foods) is serious.
In other threads at CSN you have tried to introduce to the many the infamous “Miracle Mineral Supplement” or “MMS” which product has been a health hazard reported in many respected publication and institutions such as the FDA.

I wonder if you have been influenced by your son’s believes in holistic treatments that you asserted of being “… into self healing/nature healing/food healing and everything in between….”.(http://csn.cancer.org/node/222601)

Can you be more specific on your treatments and about what you have been taking that is not harmful.

Here are your past threads in PCa forum;

Other of your controversial posts in CSN;

Links about MMC;

The wise man doesn't give the right answers, he poses the right questions”. Claude Levi-Strauss


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Well stated and well researched, Vasco.  It seems fairly obvious that you have figured this out....


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Hubby only lasted 3 weeks on Xtandi.  Worst side effects he has ever had on any of the Hormone therapies.

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I am sorry for all your pain.  Radiarion, in the long run is not good, but short term it keeps us around longer. I wish you well brother. Take care,


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