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Bosniak 3 cyst

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5 yrs ago a CT scan showed a Bosniak 3 cyst , an undertimined cyst with enhancement. The Urolgist after doing an MRI decided that it was a simple cyst. Last month a CT scan was done for a stomach problem and of that cyst showed again as complex cyst. Pretty much the same except it grew from 2.2 cm to 3 cm still enhancing and still classified as a undetermined cyst, Bosniak 3 still. I guess I should be glad that it was showing as undetermined instead of a definition diagnoses with very little change but if it is a cancer it has being sitting there for 5 years I'm concerned what stage it could be. Does size play a role? 


The rest of the CT showed nothing else in the other organs. I see the Urolgist this week and hoping for answers, for now I'm a complete basket case.


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We're all scared. Perfectly reasonable reaction to the discovery and the uncertainty. Unlike in other circumstances size IS important. 3 cm is very small and probably not worth getting worked up about (yes I know its a lot easier said than done.). Just for comparison, when they discovered my lump it was 10cm.

Hang on in there. It WILL get easier when you get your questions answered. Promise from one basket case to another

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Complex cysts tend to be malignant as they grow larger. Your Urologist will no doubt suggest an appropriate course of action.


The good news is that even if it turns out to be malignant the cure rate for a 3cm little bugger from surgery alone is in the high 90's. But you are not their yet.





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I hope your right about 90%. I have not read that in all the reading I have. I know if something is there it's been there for at least 5 years and that is scary. You are also right I'm not there yet but do have the back pain  and in the side  It scares the hell out of me . Thank you so much


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Thank you the size thing makes me feel better. Still scared as hell but that's  encouraging.  I hope your journey is going well.

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Hi Mickeymota,

I am so sorry for your situation. No doubt we have all been there and all scared silly. That is normal!!

But reading your post, it seems like a really good situation, so try not to worry too  much! (not so easy, I know)




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Thank you for your encouraging words. They help in this uncertain time. I pray for every one on this site that I was not aware of a week ago. 

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