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Scans Brought Forward/headaches

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Was due to have scans in 2 months time for checks of 2 x 5mm nods on my right lung but met my Oncologist for the first time last week who has advised I have scans next week. Confirmation of growth and still 2 nods means possible resection and no meds at this time. If there are more nodes, depending how many still possible resection but more likely meds. My Onc. is also the assessor of a clinical trial which I would be suitable for should the 2nd scenario happen. I will know more about that later but its comparing Sutent vs 2 other newer drugs.

I have also developed some face tingling sensations head and neckaches and dizziness over the last week. Went to my GP who said I have some sinus inflamation and I also suffer from some verterbrae degeneration in my neck. I'm hoping its that and not new mets to my brain.....I get a bit paranoid now to due possible spread of this desease as it was an aggressive grade 4 cancer that was removed together with my kidney.

2 months was a comfortable time to wait but now next monday looms a lot larger just need some good news.....


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Well Tim, I am glad that your scan has been moved to next week. I can certainly understand that your other aches and pains make you worry about further mets.

Hoping for some good news for you. Please keep us posted!



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It is good to have scans earlier.

as for tingling sensation in head - it could be many other things. Hyperventilation due to anxiety, spasmed muscles squeezing bllood vessels, or some neck problems.  I'm having tingling sensation inmy scalp for last several days (and I'm not the one who had kidney cancer, my boyfriend did). I attribute it to spasmed muscles. My sinuses are also inflamed and ears clogged due to pregnancy, it gives me spased-out feeling and pressure in my head. So if you doc sees that sinuses are inflamed - it could easily explain dizziness and strange feelings in head...

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for your support. I will know in 48 hours or so...counting down

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counting down and hoping for good luck....will post

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Good luck with the scans. Be aware, and tell your doc, of any aches and pains. But also be aware that the way this disease creeps up on you with little or no warning could make the sanest guy a bit paranoid.

Apart from me of course. All my aches and pains are real and definate signs of impending death, despite what my wife says.

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I now where youre coming from....heres fingers crossed and thanks and best of luck with yours...let us know how you go!



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I am praying for you and hoping for good news!!!  In my thoughts

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