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please tell me about sugar&PCa

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keep hearing about do not eat sugar. just had my first shot. stop hormone production. starve ca. cells.sugar????

Old Salt
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I guess you had a shot to lower your testosterone level, or did I misunderstand your post?

Lowering your sugar intake can't hurt and may help. But this remains a controversial topic.

There are many who recommend a Mediterranian type diet (which is relatively low in sugar). And just about everybody agrees that exercise is important, especially for those on hormone therapy.


hopeful and opt...
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...is heart healthy.........since heart disease at at epidemic proportions, we want to eat less sugar, exercise and have less stress.....and all of the other heart healthy things    Those of us with prostate cancer are more likely to die from heart disease than prostate cancer....so  we need to eat heart healthy......eating less sugar may help control cancer, but it definitely is heart healthy, diabetics healthy, etc, etc.


Nepol, if you want to respond please click the reply button so all of this is on one thread.

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GOOD DAY TO ALL H&O HAS schooled me some on how to post please read my post to old salt yesterday why i am look for sugar facts. best to all

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I don't mean to be flippant but, if you've already got PCa, I think there are more important things to worry about that how much sugar you ingest, as long as you are not ingesting it in gross excess.  Eating a normal "healhty" diet should suffice.

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