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Scanxiety is running high this week!

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My last several sets of scans were remarkably devoid of anxiety.  I felt pretty good going in, and everything was good.  Now, we have extened the duration (5 months since the last scan).  I have convinced myself that my new back pain is going to be bad news....it is a sharp pain right in the spine, about even with my bellybutton.  It hurts worst when I first stand up.  It does not radiate away.  

Scans are 1 week from monday, and I will have the results the following thursday.  

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DHS....Scanxiety isn't fun. I am glad the scan isn't too far away. Hoping your pain is something as simple as a pulled muscle.

Hang in there and keep us posted. We are here for you!



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But it could be arthritis....As long as it is not a glowie thing on a Pet scan, I am happy (not having a pet scan, just abdomen MRI and Chest CT).

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Keeping my fingers crossed everything will turn out ok and you'll hear that word we all love to hear: NED. ITA with Jojo; it could be anything, including a slipped, compressed or inflamed disc in the spine.

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Back pain is SO common, has so many reasons and 99,9 % of them  are benign. Statistics are in your favor. Wish you a clear scan and possibility to calm down a bit prior to getting results. 

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I had chest and shoulder pain for more than two weeks, i had convinced my self it was cancer related, but it wasn't. after all tests and scans with good results the pain got better and finally vanished. you'd said that you've passed two years and your Oncologist is very optimistic that it won't come back. Please be optimistic. i'm waiting for your good news.

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With just one "scanxiety" behind me, I know how you feel!  I have had my life given back to me in mostly every way after my surgery and recup, but when time for that first scan came close and the very day and the wait for results... its a toughie,  but we CAN!   Go to it with a light heart and with all the good energy and vibes you can get from yourself, your loved ones and us.  We will be here for you.  And it sure "smells" like good news!!!

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