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fighting_ big_c
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Hi everyone. I have not been actively posting but I read your threads once in awhile. I know some have passed and every time I read this, my heart crushes. Just want to keep everyone updated about my mother who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer last  February of 2013. She has been doing well except for her neuropathy. So far she keeps herself active as her doctor and nurse practitioners urge her to be. She is currently doing the Livestrong program for the cancer patients. This has greatly helped her active and be off mind of the disease. Last Decembert, her oncologist noticed that there had been some nodule growth on her abdominal wall so she changed her from Xeloda + Avastin to 5FU pump + Avastin. Yesterday, we got her results back from CT scan and found out that the nodule is growing so we were told that she will stop the 5FU pump as there is no use to continue it if growth is happening. She mentioned about switching to Stivarga or possibly doing radiation. Her oncologist told us that she is somewhat relieved that there are no tumor growth on major organs. I am starting to get scared as she might lose options to use. Does someone here have the same scenario as my mom's? I would like to get some hope. I am starting to worry. I do not show my mom this as I want her to not think and be depressed.

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and good to hear that your mum is still doing well, as she continues with her treatments. 

It really is a blessing to keep active. I know when I didn't feel like moving, the days stretched on and on and then it was so hard to start moving again. 

I don't have the same problems as your mum does, and I hope someone here can give you the advice you seek, but I can pray for your mum and hope that the nodule is something that can be taken care of. I'm glad they are keeping an eye on it, so that it doesn't get out of control.

Sue - Trubrit

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Its good to hear from you.

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I think it's best to appreciate the little things. The fact that's there's no growth on the major organs is a good thing.

My brother is stage 4 also but developed heart issues, so they had to stop most of the chemo. Now he's on only irinotecan alone, but so far there has been no growth in any of his tumors (lungs and liver). He was diagnosed with stage 2a rectal cancer in 2011 and then after stopping the chemo in 2012 and being given an ALL CLEAR, his CEA went up and they did testing to find that the tumors spread to the lungs and liver, making him stage 4. He had lots of complications, but is now doing pretty well and living an active life. We're glad he's still here because we almost lost him. The irinotecan is giving him a longer life . He's a fighter. I'd ask if there was any other chemo meds that could work for her. They may be able to design a chemo cocktail tailored to her needs. Don't forget, you can always get a second opinion as well!


I hope it all works out for your mom. Don't be afraid to ask lots of questions until you get your answers. Good luck!

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