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plevic and para-aortic lymph node removal after radiation and chemo

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hello. My mom was diagnosed with Stage IV uterine cancer at age 62. she had complete hysterectomy done by general ob/gyn on emergent basis in 2012 with out lymph node disection.  she had 7 cycle of chemo in 2013 and did really well. she also had 5 weeks of pelvic radiation in summer 2013. she did good until may 2014.

She woke up with headache and vomitng may 2014. I am emergency room provider so i took her to ER on mother's day weekend in 2014. she had metastatis adenocarcinoma to cerebellum primary uterus. she went for emergent cranitomy and walked out. She had 4 weeks of whole brain radiation for 5 weeks and 7 cycle of chemo. Her CT in december 2014 were normal. PET scan april 2015 showed positive for left iliac and inguinal lymph node consistant with recurrent cancer.

Mother does not want to have more chemo for now. we made appt to se our gyn-oncologist and radiation oncologist.

i saw some studies that laproscopic lymph node removal of pelvic and para-arotic area in high stage cancer patient help to improve survical rate. there was a study in lancet  (feb 2010) with 600 patients showed the lymp node removal improves survival rate.  i also found another study with 12333 patients done in cancer magazine (2006), which showed improvement on survival rate on high risk endometril cancer.



1. can they remove lymph nodes now?

2. can they do more radiation again?

3. if her gyn-oncologist does not feel neccessry then can i go to different doctor for possible lymph node removal of pelvic and para-arotic area.


thanks. God bless





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Dear Ajay:

Sorry for your mother's diagnosis.   With regard to your questions, you always can go for a second opinion from a different provider.  I once went to three different ones becaues two of the ones I went to were actually with the same group, just different hospitals, so I actually went to a different location totally.

with regard to radiation, if your mom had a specific spot radiated, then they cannot radiate the same spot.  That is what I was told anyway.   With removal of lymph nodes, it is where they are located on whether or not they can remove them.

My best to you and your mom



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