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First Liver Resection

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Hello All,

Looking for advice, comments and random thoughts.  Completing  my 5th round of Folfoxiri this weekend.  Avastin was stopped two weeks ago.  Liver resection scheduled for two weeks from now.  Last weeks CT scan showed tumor shrinkage, yay, I'm eligible for surgery.  I am losing the entire left lobe as one tumor is wrapped around the hepatic vien, and a wedge resection on the right lobe.  A good percentage loss of liver. 

So what kind of pain levels should I expect?  He's making an L shaped incision. No Laproscopy on this one like my colon tumor.  Do livers have nerves in them?  Will I have a dent where the left lobe used to be?  The surgeon said my right lobe will grow to fill in that space in 4-6 weeks.

Just would like to hear some other experiences.



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No dent.  Good bit of pain but you'll get through it.  Congratulations on becoming operable!  

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i feel very lucky.  I know our best chances are getting the tumors out!

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I had the same procedure. Big zipper scar but I'm kinda proud of it. If you message me I can send you pics. Afterwards I had the deepest sleeps I've ever had, plus night sweats. Congrats on being surgical, it's our best bet for long time remission. Don't be afraid, it's nothing you can't handle : )



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i will send you a note

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I've had two liver resections, both left a large l-shaped scar and a hernia on the first and a double hernia on the second. The last surgery, I pulled  the lat muscle in my back, and trying to lay on that hurt worse than the surgical wound. Taking it easy and not lifting any thing heavy bugged me the most. Once it's done, you'll feel better, just don't get too dependent on the pain meds, stopping oxy or hydrocodone can be a trial unto itself.

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nothing like having a different problem!  Thanks for the info.

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I've had two liver resections, but also had colon resection at same time for both, was up and walking the next day, pain is quite bearable, the first couple of days are a bit rough and no, you won't have a dent.

where the bottom of the "L" is (first resection was just a straight cut down from chest to way below belly button no "L", just on second one) I find I am numb, so when they do those belly shots (forget what they are called, but by third day I pointed out I was walking constantly so they quit giving them to me) that's where I have them do it, kind of a side benefit, it's been two years now and still numb around the bottom of the "L" which doesn't bother me, it's just a small area of numbness, maybe an inch around the cut.

I am so glad you are getting a resection, whoooo hooooo!!!!!

They are very good about pain control usually at the hospital, they give you a pump that you can push the button when you feel the pain coming on, feel free to use it as needed, I first tried not to use it often, but they brought up the point I wasn't going to be addicted to it in just a few days, and why suffer if you don't have to.

I also wore my own clothes after the third day, as it made me feel more human, my doctor actually encouraged it once he saw as he said it makes one feel a little more human and helps you mentally.  I wore jeans and for my top, I had t-shirts that I cut the top sleeve (so I could get it on around the IV's) and cut length wise so I could tie it on, it worked great and made me feel so much more human, then walking around in a hospital gown.

Best of luck (you'll be fine) and way to get those tumors out, Yea!!!!

Winter Marie

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i have read many of your posts.  You are an inspiration, I love your attitude and strength.  Thanks for the ideas.  Especially about taking some clothes, when I had the colon resection I was walking around with no underwear for two days.  Was pretty sketchy LOL.


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Of course I don't want to have a resection, the ablation was such a breeze, but just in case. 

I  LOVE the idea of wearing your own clothes and not laying around in the nasty hospital robe or a nightdress, which is what I took to the hospital. I bet some old clothes, that you may not want to wear again, would be perfect. Chop them up to make them more comfortable. I would wear a dress. I couldn't bear anything around my waist after my abdominal surgies (I've had several - not all Cancer related), not even underwear. A dress sounds good to me,  as long as its easy on, easy off. 

Yeah, this is an excellent post. 

Thank you Winter Marie. 

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I have had 3 liver resections. I was up and walking the following day although very slow and short distances. It took me about 4 weeks to feel close to normal each time. The more you walk, the faster you recover. Set goals for yourself. Its not too much worse than laporscopic colon resection.

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well congrats on getting a resection......very best thing ever!  I have had 2 liver resections and the good news is that my last one is five years ago .....!!! I also was up walking the day after both surgeries and Jeff is right....i think 4 weeks is a realistic recovery time.  I am just going to fire off some random suggestions.  I never took the oxy for pain control...it made me sick to the stomach and constipated so I just used Tylenols once I was out of hospital....I had pain pump in the hospital.  Try to get your house, sofa, bedroom nice and comfy for the time you come home.....someone here suggested a small back pack.....get it ready with bottled water, a snack, a book and your meds.....whatever you think you might want....get set up in bed or on the couch and that way you don't have to move so much in those first days. Treat yourself to some nice new comfy clothes for post surgery....sundresses or really loose yoga pants work well on those big surgical scars.  If a friend offers to cook you something.....say yes!!!!! thank you.  Try to get lots of nice protein for the amino acid building blocks.....this will help you rebuild tissue.....take in 6 small meals a days rather that the big 3.....try scrambled or a hard boiled egg....a bit of cheese and crackers....you need protein.  Take a stool softener and do NOT get constipated. Get some new magazines or cable tv in your bedroom....Get comfy slippers that you do not trip on.....take a pass on the flip flops. Try listening to relaxation tapes.....I used Belleruth Naparstak......you can hear a 45 minute talk on utube......this would help me sleep several times a day.....


all very best of luck.....it is totally doable ....stay in touch

best love, maggie

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Never thought I would be this happy about losing half my liver, lol.  Thank you for the advice, I find it somewhat difficult to be self indulgent but your comments are on point.  If not now, when?  So I will say yes to help and home cooking.  

Your ideas for comfort are really helpful.  I will get my house and pantry in order.

I will report after the surgery.  I'm scared but the alternative is much worse, so I will wear my scars proudly.

Thanks Maggie 



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Walking was the good advice I got for the colon resection and it worked well.  Good to hear it continues to be good advice and thanks for the info.  I appreciate it.

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