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Scan results tomorrow morning

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It has been way too long since I have been on the site. I have been traveling with work from october til now like a crazy person. I had my scan monday and get my results tomorrow. I am being optimistic but still dealing with these ugly thoughts and anxieties. I have been in remission for about 2.5 years since my Auto Transplant. Hoping and praying it stays that way. Hope all of you are doing great as well.



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Positive thoughts and prayers for you for tomorrow's results.

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Hi Mike,

  I think the fact that you have been keeping very busy with work is a good indicator that you are doing well. If you feel good and able to stay active with no problems, then I'm inclined to think your scan results are going to be very good. I'll be keeping positive thoughts for you. I'll be keeping you in my prayers. Best wishes...Sue

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Just left the appointment. ALL CLEAR!!!! The best part is that the dr said that this past CT scan would be MY LAST SCAN!!!! That is the best news that I have heard in a very long time. Thanks guys for your love and support

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That is great news, Mike!   Yay!

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That is just the best, I know you and your loved ones are very happy.

Becky & Bill

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Congrats, Coach !

I remember when I did my "last" lymphoma CT about two years ago. Most people (like me) then go on long-term follow-up, with blood labs once a year, or perhaps every six months initially. But that is much more convenient and cheaper than CTs.  And, no radiation to the body.

My cancer center now has a separate, fully staffed long-term "Survivorship" division.  It monitors my  annual blood labs, and everything that other specialists do regarding my medical treatments. They had me tested for various side -effects that can crop up years after chemo is over, and are also who caught (via referral to a urologist) my prostate cancer from routine PSA tests.  These Survivorship programs are becoming very popular throughout the US.  It is run by an NP, so it is cheaper than going to an onc, but keeps the patient "in the system," in case care is ever needed again in the future. Emotionally, it is frequently described as a sort of security blanket.  It has been very good for me.


Bless you and your new sense of wellness,


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Such wonderful news!!!  Congratulations! 




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