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Three months after my last chemo

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Hello my friends (the ones I met here almost 9 months ago)!

It's been a while since I posted here or even read any of the other posts. Today is exactly 3 months since I had my last chemo but it feels so much longer and I just couldn't be happier that it's all over. I have some good news which I receivied the day after my birthday and it was the best birthday gift I ever got! I'm in remission and now (apparently) I have to wait and hope for the cancer to never return. So there is hope and don't ever give up!

As it was promised to me during my chemo treatment by my husband that once it's all over we will travel so we did and I found not using any device (cellphone or iPad) was wonderful so I kind of stopped spending so much time browsing on the Internet and instead spent more time with my son. As soon as I felt better I started exercising and I have to say it wasn't easy! But I kept on pushing myself every day and I feel so much better now. I was actually very surprised I felt well so quickly after. The only thing that still bothers me is the numbness in my feet and it's not getting better, I feel it's worse but I know why? It is because I spend more time on my feet doing errands or holding my baby who weighs over 22 pounds. I get very tired once in awhile but that also has an explanation: I work out har dat the GYM (5 days a week for at least one hour) and also running after my son who's been crawling everywhere and wanting to touch everything! :) My hair started growing back and I feel alive and happy but much more emotional than before. I expected many things but not feeling sad and sorry for myself. I was very strong and optimistic from the moment I found out I had Hodgkin's Lymphoma until the end of my treatment. I think being pregnant at the time gave me that extra desire to live and Have only positive attitude but now I find myself sometimes crying for no reason and that was another reason not wanting to come here so it doesn't bring me back .... I guess it's going to take some time to adjust to new me... Other than that (as always) Life is Beautiful. :)

I hope you're all doing well and happy.

Max Former Hodg...
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Your story is as good as it gets !

I know a good many professional people who are dumping the smart phones. There is a mini-fad toward flip phones. The constant social media and "data" crap is, by all accounts, making people "supid", not "smart." People can no longer write, or hardly read. Few youths seem to know what a book is anymore.  My daughter has three degrees, and I am not sure she can find Florida on a map of the US. A "map," for her, is whatever the smartphone app tell her to do when driving.

I have several friends now who do not have a cell phone of any kind. If my kids (college age now) were a little older, I would dump my phones. Plus, the fees are so expensive. 

You say you want "positive attitudes only."  That is not the human experience, much less for cancer survivors, but some people come close. Everyone will have down periods, and all survivors fear their periodic PET and CT follow-up tests. But exercise, family time, thinking positive: those keep us happier than anything else a person can do. They are the healthy things that keep people sane and connected.

You are obviously doing all of the right things.  A friend (about 45) was diagnosed a month ago with late Stage 4 breast cancer, and I have mostly been working with her (she is not on CSN). Your post was a delightful and joyous break.  I appreciate reading it so much !

Bless you and the family,



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I'm on smart phone so only have a min. LOL I'm so happy 4 U!!! Life is :)

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That is GREAT news !

God Bless you and thank you. Your story is inspiring and thought provoking for me in where I am at in life.

I may never give up some "  assistive technology " and I may be a horrible speller but I have dumped so much enviromental stress sence the day I first got diagnosed in 2010 it has been  life changing within my soul to find the joy and life again. With or without cancer.

Have a beautiful life and hope all your dreams and hopes are continued in the years to come.


Hugs to you.


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