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Went to pulmonolgist (lung doctor)

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He felt after looking at the CD of the CAT scan, I did have radiation pnuemonitis.  Since I have had the cough so long he wanted to rule out anything else.  He did a bronchoscopy today ( a test where they pass a scope to look into the lungs), and  he again felt it was the pneumonitis.  It does not show pneumonitis with the bronchoscopy.   So he put me back on a steroid ( prednisone).  30mg for three days, then 20mg, and then 10 mg until the pills are gone.  He gave me 100 pills, so I will be taking it for quite a while.  He said the treatment should be long term rather than the two periods of the steroids I had that were interrupted.

  They also gave me an IV shot of soLu medrol.  He told me to double up on my Prilosec since the prednisone bothered my stomach last time.  

He also stopped my blood pressure medicine lisinopril because it can cause coughing.  He put me on another BP pill called Diovan.  I will follow up with him in 2 weeks.  He also gave me a different prescription cough syrup - tussinex.  I hope it works.  I am still looking a good night sleep.  The coughing is still worse in the evening and night.

He asked me why I did not contact the radiation onocologist.   I told him I did but he did not think the radiation had anything to do with the cough.  he said they never want to own any of the side effects.  That is the third doctor that told me that.

I just hope of this works.  Keeping all of you in my prayer.  I peace and caring.   Will be gone for  a few days going on a cruise from Tampa to Cozumel and back to Tampa.  ,

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Hopefully this puts you on the right path to some sleep and getting rid of the cough.  My husband was on lisinopril and it did cause a cough; they took him off of that and much better since.

Have a fantastic time!  Keeping you in my prayers!  Anne

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That you'll finally get some place now, Ro.  Those earlier  does of steroids before seemed pretty puny to me, all things considered.  Enjoy the cruise.  They always seem to be therapeutic for you.

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Ro my sister who lives in Europe has the same complaint, pneumonitis. but she never had cancer or radiation or chemo,  She had this condition for a very long time she is 76.  Sometimes she coughs until she passes out which is rear.  but up until now nothing helps that cough. I am jumping all over, sometimes she gets infections and loads of prednisone. maybe twice a year in hospital.  Hope here in the good old usa they can get rid of yours.  Love you Ro.

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Annabella Rose
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Hi Ro, I'm glad to hear you were able to see your doctor and get some help. I have you in my prayers for a complete recovery. Enjoy your cruise in better health with each passing day. 

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hi Ro

keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and praying that this new change in medicine (along with being on a cruise) will resolve that cough and give you a good nights sleep for once.  

Have a great cruise.   Hugs!!!!


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Your doctor seems like he's on top of the situation and I sure hope that the medications will do the trick.  Of course, a few days on a cruise ship is therapeutic as well!  Have fun!


Warm Wishes,



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Hi Ro.. just a quick thought.  Was glad the doc took you off the lisinopril.  I was on the same drug.  My doctor told me initially that it could cause a nasty cough so I was on the lookout for it and sure enough it showed up.  As soon as he took me off that, it went away.  Holding the thought that it is something that simple for you too! - Helen (Daylady)

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Double Whammy
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I hope you've gotten to the bottom of this now, Ro, and that you only continue to get better. 


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Ro, I hope you have a great cruise. I am on Divon 125 and have been on it for the 10 years. So far no side effects. It does control my bp though.  Hopefully all the new medicine works and you can get some rest. Praying for you.trish.


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It happened to Me
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Ro, I'm so happy you are taking a short cruise.  I would love to do that sometime.   I hope and pray the cough is eliminated for good.  You've gone through enough.  You amaze me at your graciousness and caring and going on with life.  So happy I met you.  You give me alot of inspiration.


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Hi, Ro!

During the course of a year or more I tried several different medications for high blood pressure. Lisinopril was one I tried. Each one caused a chronic cough until finally I tried Diovan HCT. No more cough. I am now taking Valsartan HCTZ, the generic of Diovan, and it appears to be working equally well. I certainly hope the combination of possible solutions brings you relief from the long-term cough you have been experiencing!

Hugs from Sally

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