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Cancer is back

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I am 66 yrs old and 15 years out from prostate removal , and just got word from docter that cancer has returned. Processing this info now , with many questions , what can I expect going forward .

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Hopefully my experience will help you as you face this news. My prostate cancer returned 13 years after prostate removal. Needless to say, that news was shocking. A brief summary here; I can give more details later if you wish. Surgery in '91, cancer returned in '03, radiation in '05, hormone therapy in '08. Radiation was unsuccessful; hormone therapy has it "in remission." I was 65 when this journey began, I am now 88. I continue to be in good health and I am leading an active life for a person my age.

No two cases are alike, of course.

I wish you well.

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I guess that the 49 in your acronym indicates the year you were born. We got the same age and the same cancer but with different aspects. I also am a 15 years PCa survivor.

Recurrence is not new in cancer patients even after long periods in remission. There have been several people reporting the need of salvage therapies. Which course you take depends on your present status but past information will help you in “deciphering” probabilities and in the best salvage choice. Let us know about your queries.

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Some more info might be helpful for proper responses.

How was the cancer detected (PSA?) and where is it located?

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