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Prostate with mets to the bone (15months later)

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Hi Everyone,


I Have posted a few messages in the past regarding my father who has been battling prostate cancer for the past 4 years or  a bit longer. (He is in his late 70s)

Although in remission for a couple of years but his cancer came last year with mets tot the bone. He has started hormone therapy (Zoladex) for the past few months  and his PSA level was always under 1 but has started to claim back up a bit.

He has most of the times lef and lowqer back pain which prevents him to walk a lot

He is also a heart patient, and has been experiencing more symptoms like vomiting and chest pain occaisonally recently.

He has just had another bone scan and is scheduled for MRI on tuesday.

Hast  anyone else experieced lower back pain or leg pain due to prostate cancer despite having a lower PSA?


I am worried as it seems like the disease progressing somehow despite low PSA




grey ghost
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Hi Sam,

I have bone mets, but developed back pain episodes before my PC spread to my bones. The pain usually last a few days then goes away. My oncologist pays little attention to my complaints of the back pain. I've learned to avoid activities that tend to agravate things such as bending without proper mechanics. I would have his doctor key in on his lower back to determine the cause of his discomfort and treat appropriately. Sometimes oncologists just look at the numbers, as mine has, and fail to listen carefully to complaints.


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I am wondering if there are many out there who have extensive bone mets but still have no side effects, which is my situation.  The MDs here seem to have no knowledge of cases like mine, but the MDs here in the Philppines seem to be very badly informed and incompetent in any case.  Is the pain constant?  Is it treatable? There are techniques that help deal with pain that can be invistigated.  Self-hypnosis is one, meditation is another  Self hypnosis is a wonderful tool that can be studied and used.  There are about 5 levels of hypnosis so the relief is not the same for everyone.  Good luck to all with Pca. love, swami rakendra


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