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Metformin treatment

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My friend Tim came off his first dose of Casodex (90 days) with a psa of <.01. Now he is on Metformin and has been for 30 days. PSA to be done today. Has anyone reading this researched Metformin as a treatment plan?



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What was his PSA before he started Casodex?  The Metformin is for Diabetes II and I use it myself with some side effects. The only concern about Metformin is long time use. I have been on it for 3 years and my A1C is still under control.

Good luck with your friends !


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He is 54 with gleason 9 and a psa of 22. 12 of 12 positive with pne and svi. After non-nerve sparing RP and Imrt his psa went from .03 to .7 in 12 months. He started Casodex at .7 and went <.01 in thirty days. Now he is off Casodex for a few months. Hopefully the Metforim will extend the "off" period from Casodex. We shall see what the psa is in a few days. I've read nothing on this site regarding Metforim and Pca. I believe it has to do with keeping blood sugar low which is believed to slow progression.



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I hadn't heard of Metformin until a consult with Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, in NYC, about a year ago. His Rx was 500mg 2xD. About six weeks ago, I saw a video by Dr. "Snuffy" Meyers who expressed his enthusiasm about it. I have been reading Meyers' work for more than a decade, and much of what he had espoused a decade ago (Mediterranean Diet, for example) becomes researcher "discoveries" years later. Dr. Meyers is a PCa survivor. Here is the link to that video: https://askdrmyers.wordpress.com/2015/01/13/metformin-prostate-cancer/

After Snuffy's video, I discovered online that the original research was based on 1g (1000mg) 2xD. My urologist is open-minded and wrote the updated Rx for me.

It could be coincidental or an anomaly or a lab glitch, but my steadily rising PSA stopped rising three months after starting the Metformin. Also, I take Simvastatin, which might have an influence on Metformin, and I take Celebrex, which does get a boost from statins, but I haven't read anything about whether it interacts in any way with Metformin.

Side effect, for me, is that 1000mg of Metformin is not kind to my stomach, but I suspect my stomach will adjust over time.



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Since Tim came off Casodex and went on 1000 mg/day of metformin here are his numbers:

Aug 2014   .01 came off Casodex

Oct 2014   .1

Dec 2014   .3

Jan 2014   .4


Perhaps the numbers would be worse if off Metformin but we can not know that.

PSADT is 2.3 months and Velocity of .1ng/ml/mo

I anticipate he will be back on Casodex within 2-3 months



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Welcome to the board. Thanks for sharing your experience with Metformin. I am very interested in the drug and would appreciate you telling us more about your case. What is your Gleason and past treatment? What is your present treatment protocol? What are the PSA levels before and after Metformin?

Best wishes for a good outcome.


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