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Five years and still here!

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Originally diagnosed on Feb 3rd, 2010 during a colonoscopy.  Stage IIIC rectal cancer diagnosis after surgery with follow up chemo and radiation.  I am now stage IV following a successful surgery on one lung met nodule in 2012.  I did not think I would make it this long (and my surgeon was very pessimistic after the initial surgery).  Happy to be alive and in fairly good health.  I wanted to post this especially for the newbies who are overwhelmed when first diagnosed.  There is hope.  Best wishes to all, especially to those going through active treatment as I write this.  

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Yes, I am shouting it. I'm also  with joy. 

Shall we party !

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May you and NED keep dancing for a very long time to come.

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May you be NED for a looooong time!!

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Thanks for the inspiration!


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Thats awesome.

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Congratulations!  You are right, hearing good news like that is really uplifting for us "newbies". 



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I am so happy for you!

Fight for my love
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Great news! very uplifting. I am very happy for you.

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I'm three days behind you on your FIVE Years.  So glad yours had NED IN IT!!!! How cool is that?

Many more years your way dear lady,many more!

Wintwr Marie

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Glad to hear you're still here and doing well.  Traci

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Thanks for sharing, I'm on year 2 and this gives me a lot of promise.  I have started saying . . .when I am 50. . .again.   It's nice to have a future.

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Thank you all!  Such a wonderful, loving group of people.

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Thank you for the hope!!!


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