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congrats ron 50

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ron congrats on 17 years ned.

all the best my aussie friend.

never.ever give up !!!


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I don't think I have it in me to give up mate. Every time something new crops up I ramp up. Cheers Ron.

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oh congrats dear boyo....Smile you will always be my "wild colonial boy" and never the old fart from down under but I hear ya dear friend.  Every year gets more old fartish, doesn't it?

You have survived so long so well......I send you all the best Ron.....

much love, mags

Cathleen Mary
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Congrats, Ron!  You have certainly persevered. 17 years is amazing but I know it has not been easy for you. Here's to 17 much easier years.  Enjoy that new grandchild!


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Congratulations my friend, and thank you for being here and for being here for me.

Luv and Hugs,

Winter Marie

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You are an inspiration. 17 years to flip you cancer, here is to many more.

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that went:"Takes a licking but keeps on ticking".........Keep kicking,Ron........

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   I may keep on kicking and ticking and yes I have taken a few good lickings . Just don't ask me the time :) Ron.

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    You Oldtimer. You are doing well and If Stacy remembers you as well you definitely belong in the list of old timers. Glad you are still going ok mate it feels a little lonely here at times, Hugs ron.

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