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You qualify for oxygen, says the Doc

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Saw the lung specialist today, and sitting my oxygen is 97 saturation and even though I complained about breathing for some time. the 100 to 97% saturation level they all admired would make me think it must just be chemo.  Then lower left lobe showed collasped on January CT scan.  When the lung doctor took me for a walk with the little machine that measures oxygen level, within 400 feet it dropped below 87 saturation, which he said now qualifies me for oxygen, oh joy, made me feel like an 87 year old woman, with the image of an oxygen tank hanging around.

I really don't want the tank because I don't want to be dependent on it, I want to see if we can't fix the lung, they said it could be a tumor, not likely since the four (I think it's four) still have only shrunk, so why would a new one appear? Or it could be something else blocking the tube that let's the air in, so they will do a pulmonary test and find right nublizer (the squirt of stuff that helps your lungs open up) and send me to rehab to learn to use an accapello (guessing on spelling) which will vibrate chest and maybe knock whatever is blocking tube out.  But he kept saying it might not be reversible, and I keep thinking to myself it must be reversible, cause I hate being so short of breath that walking around my house is exhausting, I haven't been to the grocery store in probably 3 months because it's too exhausting.

So the warning here people is, if you feel short of breath constantly and they tell you "but your oxygen level is so great", insist on getting it checked out further sooner then I did, I dropped the ball on this one.

Winter Marie

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I am glad you saw the lung doctor and have a plan.

I hope the therapy brings results.

I know you don't want to have to have the oxygen tank, but it that is what gets you back to regular activities without making you short of breath, then it is better than no options.

If hugs and love could make it all better, it would be done!

Marie who loves kitties

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with a really cool looking oxygen supply, not the metal scuba tank. If it gets you out of the house go for it! I hope they figure out your lung. Nubilizer and vibration gizmo? Lets hope they work!


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      I recently had to do a sleep test. Over all my apnea was mild . However when I went into rem sleep my oxygen was down to the high seventies. Any wonder I was suffering dreadful nightmares and waking in panic and taking 10-15 minutes to get my saturation back to where it needed to be only to go back to sleep and go thru it all again. I am now on cpap every night . It was the only way that they would let me start driving again. At 64 that is a real wake up cue. At best I can only achieve around seventy three percent capacity on the spirometer. I fear thet somewhere in my future there lurks and oxygen tank, Hugs Mate Ron.

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You are such a trouper. So positive and upbeat. Such a wonderful example to all of us. 

I am sorry about your conitnued fight, but I am certainly grateful that you are here to fight, and allow us to fight alongside you. 

I hope they can figure out how to get your lungs some relief and hopefully keep the oxygen tank away or at least not have to use it too much. 

I do get out of breath quite easily, but I think it might be that I am just too out of shape. 

Keep on keeping on, friend. 

Sue - Trubrit

Fight for my love
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Doctors are not always right. We should always believe what we believe and keep thinking positive.I hope you and doctors will find a solution soon, good luck with it.

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Hang in there Winter.  You have gotten through so much, you will get through this too.

Cathleen Mary
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So sorry that you are going through this, Winter Marie. I don't know the solution but I am guessing the oxygen can help you be more comfortable and get around better.  I know that you will explore every option and wish you luck. You are such an inspiration.


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you are definitely an inspiration winter marie.....you are one smart feisty little cookie.  What a very good example you set for us......hope you get your lungs sorted out......sending love


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It's much better to have breath and do it easily than have to struggle for it constantly.  If it helps you then go for it.  Glad they were able to see that you really needed it.  Hope it makes you feel better.


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