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To all of my Northeastern friends, please stay safe and warm during this blizzard.  It looks like we're in for quite the storm tonight!  I have my fingers and toes crossed that our power won't be out for too long.  My area is forecast to have up to 3ft of snow - I haven't seen that since the Blizzard of '78 - and that was a doozy! 

Take care all, and stay safe!!


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are going to be affected by this harsh weather. Please keep us informed.  Stay warm and safe. ~ Daisy

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Sadly, the only Blizzard I can get is from Dairy Queen (Midnight Truffle - Yum!).  We are in our fourth year of drought, and desperately need snow in the mountatins. So, if you could send some of your eastern snow back west, it would be much appreciated. 

Sue - Trubrit

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sue, how about Cyn sends you a foot, I will send you a foot and I'm sure Cm will send you a foot too!  Ugh I hope the weather folks are wrong!

stay safe snowed in friends!

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thanks. I took a chemo break and went to key west.am traveling today and all flights are delayed. Am at the airport now. Smartphones rock! 

Being a stage iv cancer patient, not much stresses me out anymore but I have appointments at nih tomorroW. Worst case, they reschedulE.  Again, hooray for smartphones. I will probably watch yesterday's episode of downton abbey at the airport if we are really delayed.

key west was great. The seawater was great for my chemo damaged skin/ feels soft again!


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So glad you had a nice trip Karin.  Too bad you couldn't extend it through this weather!  safe travels!

Fight for my love
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Hi Karin, my husband was scheduled to have the Pet scan tomorrow, but they called us to cancel the appointment and rescheduled it on Saturday due to the weather.Please check with your doctor's office to make sure if they are cancelling it. Good luck with traveling.

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Hey Karin,

Key West rocks, glad you had a good time.  And a perfect time for a little sun. 

Hope your trip home was uneventful.


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Hope you manage to stay warm. It has been forever since I have seen that much snow. May you have no serious consequences!!

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haha well dear friends one thing we Canucks understand is snow.....Kiss ...I hope you are all snug and dry and warm.....We were -30 here today but sunny. I really really hope you do not lose power for too long....that is the hard part....sending love...


Cathleen Mary
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It is ferocious but nothing Mags isn't used to.:-). Up to 3 feet expected but I am hunkered inside warm and safe. My niece is an MGH oncology nurse and went in to work prepared to stay a couple of days. I am grateful to the many who go above and beyond so others can be safe....

Prayers for those for whom this storm is more than an inconvenience.


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Please don't drive unless you have too, I'm sure you are all prepared with batteries, propane lanterns, snuggy blankies and hoping most of you have firewood and fireplace and gas stoves :).

Will be thinking of you all and hoping you stay warm hunkered down.

Winter Marie

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thanks - trip was eventful but I made it home on the same day. No major delays. I made my connections.

So yesterday I"m having fun in the sun, and this morning I"m scraping ice from my car. D'oh! 

Made it to NIH, got my scans. Was cranky having not eaten in 18 hours but all is well.  had coffee with a guy who was a 23 year survivor of kidney cancer. very interesting person. from researching him and his particular case, a couple of drugs were developed - I didn't understand the science but they apparently found some mutations on his cancer that helped others. Very cool. He was meeting the secretary of DHHS tomorrow. A photo OP, but still. 

hope everyone else in our community on the East Coast/in the Northeast is OK. 



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Hope that you are safe and warm in this nasty weather.


Marie who loves kitties

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