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am i being paranoid or ?

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Yesterday I found a small lump on my neck.... I am not sure if it swollen gland or what it is... Should I wait it out or contact doctor... I had pt1a renal cancer over a yr ago. The lump is a little bigger today but not much

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Leslie, Contact a doctor ASAP. It could be something serious. The best thing is that it is a false alarm.


And by the way this layman does not think it sounds like anything to do with Kidney Cancer. But i do not get the big bucks to make those calls.




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In our cases, we need to be a little hypochondriac... Swollen glands can mean a lot of things and it is most likely one of those things... But when your body is trying to tell me something, I don't ignore it anymore. Just call your primary and get the ball rolling. Can't hurt. 

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2015-01-14If you keep rubbing it you will only irritate the thing which will cause it to swell and get bigger


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It is probably not cancer related, if you can observe growth in one day.  Whe you say on your neck, is it attached to the skin, or does the skin move freely over it?  If the latter, it is probably a swolen gland..and could be an issue...if it is on the skin, it may be a cyst (infection)...It may need to be treated.  But, I will give 20-1 odds it is not cancer related, and 100-1 odds it is not an RCC met.  

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it is under the skin and i can kove it around... it is smaller then it has been so it prob is swollen gland due to virus or something. Just worry because my original ct showed messenric lymph nodes around my liver ( i think).. Dont have that report as i gave it to my  surgeon 



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Definitely get it checked. Also, get another copy of your report for your file. Keep a copy of every scan or test you have. When you go to doctors have them make a copy of the report and return the original to you.  Since it is getting smaller that sounds like good news! But you can never be too sure..

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What advice would YOU give someone who posted about a lump? Check it out!

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I agree with the others.  Definitely get it checked.

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I can appreciate your vigilance. However, we are not doctors here, so like the others said, see your doctor to start with and se what your doctor says. It could be something very benign like a cyst.

But you will not know until you get it checked out. Were you wondering if one of us had the same experience?

Let us know what you find out, I will be thinking of you,

Warmly, Jan

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