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Please send special thoughts to Craig and Nanab

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Please send special thoughts, prayers, well wishes, good vibes for our long time friends Craig and Nanab who are both going through some really rough times right now.

They both need all the help, love and support that we can give.

My love and prayers to them both.

Marie who loves kitties

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My thoughts, love, and prayers go out to Nana and Craig.

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I hate to hear this, I just hate cancer so much.  I hope they both get some relief soon.


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and lots of love and good thoughts their way. So sorry they are going through rough patches.




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Prayers and positive thoughts to both.  I wish there was more we can do to help them.   Please let them both know we are thinking of them and pulling for them.

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Dear Craig, Nana,

My thoughts are with you both, and I hope that you may find some relief from your pain. You've both been such wonderful friends me and everyone on the board, and I just wish that I could somehow help with your struggles.  :'(



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I agree with everything Cynthia said!  The best to you both!

Fight for my love
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Sending my thoughts and prayers to Craig and Nanab.

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My thoughts and prayers are with Nana and Craig. That they may have relief from pain and be showered with love. That their families and caregivers find wisdom and strength as they endur the challenges as well. Amen.

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   Lately. I wish that I hd a magic wand that could magic cancer away. But I don't and unfortunately neither do the doctors. We are all faced with the same dilema. Will the treatments work for me . many of us reach ned staus only to have it taken off us just when we thought ,hoped, we might have beaten it. That's is when we need the strenghth of our friends here to go on , to keep on fighting, not because we know that we will win but because we know that we probably won't and it is not in our nature to just give up. There have been many here who have made the choice not to have further treatment. We also have to respect that . as much as we still want our friends here to still fight ,at some time a lot of us will know with certainty that the time to change tack has come . I for one don't think I could have gone thru what Craig of Nanna are currently going thru and all I can do is to wish them both peace. Ron.

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i will keep you both in my prayers. Don't give up hope.

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Sending all the cyber strength, peace and comfort possible to you both.  Knowing friends are having tough times makes my heart sad.  Thinking of you daily, watching for updates, hoping for your comfort and relief. 


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comfort and peace. ~ Daisy

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sending my thoughts and big hugs all the way from Germany and wish I could do some magic...


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sent to Craig and Nana B. Someone please keep us posted. I hate cancer...


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I send them both all my good thoughts, love and prayers.

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thanks guys really sick now...

Cathleen Mary
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Craig and Nanab, you are never far from our thoughts and are held closely in our hearts. Prayers for peace, strength, and all good things.



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Close your eyes, listen to some comforting music, maybe a home massage ... peace and comfort to you dear Craig. 

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Craig and nana b ~

sending you positive thoughts (no one talks about vibes now - that's so 70s!) and wishing you both well



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I was thinking of you today Craig. Peace and ease to you.  I wish I could help.

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I wish I could take your pain away.  Since I can't I hope you find a doctor that can come up with something that works.  I hate that you are in constant pain.

Sending you love, hugs, prayers to the powers that be and wishes that your pain fades soon and you can get up and around again.

Winter Marie

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Love you, Craig!!




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Love and light to Nanab and Craig.  I haven't been on here for a while, just felt like I needed to check.

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So sorry that you're both having such a rough time. I'll be thinking of you both.


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I'm so sorry you are both struggling like this.

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It breaks my heart to see old friends suffering so.  Wishing you both love and peace.


Hugs - tina

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and sending warm cyber hugs.  Sure wish there was more one could do...


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Nana, meeting you was such a joy. I want to do it again, so keep on keeping on. 

Dear Craig. If only all of our best wishes could take away your pain. May the warmth of our love surround you, and even if only a moment, remove some pain. 

Sue - Trubrit

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Nana b
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Thank you.   I was told to call hospice, but I didnt. :).   Went up to Stanford and I am trying the new RR1 trial and start next Wednesday. I hwve cancer cells I stomach peritoneal. Some layer of the outer stomach causing major swelling and pain.  I'm having the ascites drained on Wed also  6 hour infusion, then 4 hour procedure right after, then a 2.5 hour drive.  Not looking forward to it but, got to do what we have to do..


Stanford had taken me off the trial after ending up in ER twice, but I did a PET yesterday and labs, and they feel I can get through it. 


Thanks again. I don't post much, as I'm usually uncomfortable and achy. 

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Good luck - hope all goes well Wed.

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To you my Texas son and to you my California sunshine girl. So saddened and frustrated that we can't do more to ease your suffering.



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Wishing you all the comfort and strength possible for your big day Wed.  I hope it gives only positive results and comfort.  

I will be keeping you close in my thoughts.  You will be exhausted after such a long day .. hope you can rest during infusion at least.  

My very best to you!

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Keep fighting Nana. I will keep you in my prayers.

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You are in my thoughts Nana b.  Hang in there and I hope they can get your pain under control.  


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Thoughts always about them and everyone struggling.  Just sorry that they are not doing well right now.  Wishing things get better soon.  This is just so sad because they are fighting so hard to beat it.  Both are such an inspiration on this board.  Miss their posts.


Cathleen Mary
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Go Girl, Nana!  Prayers and strength for the week ahead.

Craig, you remain in our hearts. Hope you are more comfortable.

hugs, CM

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I am so sorry to hear this, i pray for comfort, relief and a cure, if not a total cure at least NED, i want to see you two doing the happy nakked dance. Please please dont give up, stay strong, cry and scream if you need too, we are all here to listen and support you two...love you guys



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Praying for both!




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