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First post-op scan ...no cancer, but a new issue

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Hello all,


I had my 2.2cm tumor removed via open partial Nephrectomy back at the beginning of March.  Clear cell, stage 1, grade 2, clear margins etc. 


Because of my relatively young age for kidney cancer, I am going with 9 months between scans for the first few years rather than 6. 

I got my results yesterday (24 hour turnaround for my report from the hospital !! not bad!!)

Good news, is that I'm NED!!  which is awesome. 

The bad news is that I now have a small (3cm) Spigelian hernia which the right lobe of my liver is pressing against.

Apparently these are a fairly rare type of hernia.  Anyone here ever had one before?  I have to get an appt with my primary care doc and get referred to a general surgeon.

This is different than an incisional hernia, so I am not sure if it occured just because my abs were weak from being chopped up, or if it totally unrelated.

I tend to lift weights with some fairly intense routines, but I have good form and know what i am doing so i don't think that caused it. 


I hate to complain, since many people on here are in way worse situations than me, but this is really frustrating.  I was hoping I could start the new year with a clean bill of health.


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I don't know much about hernias...but it is quite common to get one after this kind of surgery. But you say this one is a rare type? And it didn't show before?  Hard to say...maybe get another opinion. Does it bother you?

I know it must feel very frustratitng to have just had your partial done, and now facing another issue.

Hang in there!



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It actually didn't bother me at all until I knew it was there. 

We all have some residual pain here and there after surgery, so i usually don't even think about it if I get a little sore sometimes.   

Even right now, I couldn't tell you exactly where on my body it is other than the fact that it is near my liver.  I know it is basically a small tear in the muscles where the side abs meet the front abs, but I just know that from google. 

I have an appointment with my primary care doc tomorrow and will probably get referred to a general surgeon to discuss further. 


On a side note, I suppose that's the silver lining to getting regular scans.  We get advance notice of ailments other than our RCC. 


Happy holidays

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