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Update: met with surgeon

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I met with the surgeon today, and what a great guy he is!  je put me at ease and told me he feels I have a 90-95% chance of "cure" through surgery. he is performing a partial nephectomy on Monday!!  That was some fast scheduling!  once he found out I have three little kids at home, he wanted to make sure I could be home for Christmas and recovered enough to enjoy the holidays with the kids.  Praise God!  Down side:  can't do this laparoscopically.  He will have to make an incision just under my ribs, but he assured me it would not be much bitter than the one he would have had to make to remove the tumor if he did this laparoscopically.  I will get a spinal block so that I don't have much pain once I wake up.  So glad this thing is coming out! 

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Andy that is absolutely great, I am so pleased to hear you sounding so much more confident in your future. So it will soon be over and done with, you have a good, caring surgeon there. You can now look forward to a great Christmas and what a wonderful positive start to the New Year. I will be thinking of you on Monday.


Djinnie x

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That you are now able to start seeing the "other side".  Of course you'll be home for Christmas - just make sure not to lift and/or carry the 3 little ones.  Just big (gentle) hugs 8-)

Walk walk walk when you do get home (as all will tell you)! 
I had an open partial an felt so much better even jst 2 weeks after (which will be about Christmas for you). 

Hugs and prayers to you,


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Here's to an uneventful, sucessfull, painfree (just kidding), surgery.



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It's great. IM very happy you have good feelings about your surgeon because it's really important to trust him. May the new year brings happiness for you and your family



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to hear the good news. Surgery will be over in no time and you'll be on the road to recovry.  With 3 young kids, I'd say relax and enjoy the break in the hospital....but the staff will keep you moving.

Enjoy the holidays when you return home.


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Best wishes for speedy recovery! Mine was an open partial and my incision is very small. Barely over 4 inches. My advice is the same: walk, walk, and then walk some more. Moving really helps in the recovery and it keeps your lungs clear. Once this is behind you you can relax and enjoy the holidays with your children Smile

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Glad it's all falling together for you, man!  It really feels so much better once the plan is in place and you know it's getting taken care of.  I know it was tough to hear it can't be done laparoscopically, but these guys know what they're doing and they will do everything they can to make it as smooth as possible.  Just do everything that they tell you to do and jump on here if you have any last minute questions.  And be sure to give us an update when you feel able.


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Skagway Jack
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I had the open with incision just under my sternum below the rib to the right side (9").  You will do fine.  If you have a Lazy Boy chair it is helpful for a week or so after the surgery.....sitting up in bed is a chore for awhile.  It will get better and before long youll trucking along doing your thing like before.


Good Luck,   Jack

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Good for you.  Agree with what APny and Skagway Jack said.  Walk as much as you can.  In the first few days, it will be painful.  But walking will help your recovery.  I slept in a recliner for 8-10 days after the surgery.  One other thing--sneezing and coughing will likely be painful.  The hospital I went to gave me a comfort pillow, and it helped.  Any pillow will work. Press it up against the incision side when you have to sneeze or cough.  As I have said before, the anticipation of surgery was much worse than the surgery and recovery.  You will be fine.  Good luck.

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I just want you to realize christmas is 10 days after your surgery.  You will probably be extremely sore then, unable to lift anything, and possibly still on pain meds.

However, you are not handling the stress of cancer well.  I suspect waiting to remove the tumor until after christmas will ruin christmas for you (even though there is no medical reason to push  the schedule).


I just want to make sure you have the exectations correct.  This is a hard surgery.  It is a big deal.

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Knowing that the beast is out is enough reason to enjoy the holidays. In 10 years you will not even remember that little bit of pain from the surgery.


No pain. No Gain.




PS: No sledding this Christmas

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Big deal, of course!  HUGE deal, major surgery, and major recovery.  But, on the other hand, the alternative is a much bigger deal. I will be sore and not able to do much over Christmas for sure, but I am happy to trade that for the chance at 30+ more Christmases in the future.  And you are correct, I am NOT handling the stress of this very well, so getting this done is probably best for me emotionally and mentally.  Not to mention, I teach at a small college, and we go on break next week.  I will have almost a month off to recover, and surgery is on the first day of that break.  The timing actually works out great in that regard.  Another benefit--I won't be able to carry the garbage bags of wrapping paper, boxes, and other messes out of the house on Christmas Day!  HA!  Guess the kids get to do that this year!  Thanks for all of the encouragement and advice everyone.  This forum has truly helped me get through this mess...I don't know who I would have talked to otherwise!



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Congrats and here's to a very uneventful surgery.

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Great news with your surgery - and that you will be home in time to be with your family. That is the best medicine of all!

Take care and you will be in my thoughts on Monday!



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