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BCC recurrence

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i got diagnosed with nodular BCC in Jan 2005. I was put on aldera cream which didn't work. Later that year they cut it out.

In 2008 the lump returned in the same spot. So I had more surgery and they cut from the corner of my eye down to the bottom of my cheek. I got told it shouldn't return again after that.


In recent months, the skin at that original spot has been going really red, about the size of a 20c piece. It looks like someone about to get a really bad zit or boil, but nothing eventuates. By night as well it is really red and feels like it is burning.

Does anyone else get this? Could this be the start of a recurrence? It looks vulgar

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I am new to skin problems, but I would have it checked out by your dermotologist. I know sometimes scar tissue can act up and itch, but it's better to be on the safe side. I just had a lesion on my face removed and it would puff up, itch, flake, shrink, and it doubled in size maybe even closer to tripled in size in less than a year. The doc said mine migt be melanoma, but of course we have to wait for the path results. I'm sorry you're going through this yet again. One good thing I have learned is if you stay on top of BCC and get things early it is not often metastic or fatal, so that is great news.

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Thanks sumrluvin66. 

Im trying to avoid / put off doing anything until after Xmas. Hectic time of year!


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Why would you put off getting checked?  The longer you wait, it will only progress.  I deal with BCC and SCC but I also deal with IBC (Inflammatory Breast Cancer).   'Nothing' is going to go a way or get better because it's 'inconvient'  during Christmas.

We are all so different but there is no way I would not do all I could to get answers, especially during this Season.

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