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We have to get the conversation going

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American Idol Season 7 contestant and plus-size model Joanne Borgella has died from a rare form of cancer.

The Long Island, New York, native was 32 and had been battling endometrial cancer, which she revealed in a video a year ago had "spread to her chest." The news of her death was confirmed by her family on her Facebook page on Saturday.

I don't post this to get anyone down, or scare any newly diagnosed member, I post it as I hope this can start the conversation about 'below the belt' cancers no one wants to talk about!!!  I don't know what "rare" means, maybe someone else will find out and post.

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it wasn't so much as a rare form but rare case on how it metastasize.    Although they didn't indicate what type or stage.  It was rare for endo cancer to met to the chest and then to the brain.   She started getting bad headaches and her friend told her to get her head scanned and they found it there too.  Also it is rare thst someone her age to get endometrial cancer.

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