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AMS800 Activated!!

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Sept. 19, 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sometime between 1:30 and 2 this afternoon Dr. Latini at the u om MI activated my AMS800. Actually took her three attempts to get it started- a bit painful. She stopped twice- she could see I was in a bit of distress but the 3rd time she got the activaton button in and it was done. The good Dr. and a residence she was working with then helped me do a hands on demostration on how to operate the device. Then I drove home.....

Ate supper with my wife and then put on my walking pants and I told her I was going to take the new body part out for a walk sans pad- about 40 mins- up and down logs, stopped to pull a few weeds along the trail- and about 7 stops for an underwear check- no pad on this walk- and dry all the way around, coming back into the house sitting at the computer, dry, dry, dry, DRY!!!!!

Pad free for the first time since March 23, 2009. I am so excited right now. I"m going to go for a longer hike this weekend- 8- 10 miles just to try this out with a light pack on my back. tonight I am going to sleep with no pad on just to see what happens.

I am so excited!!!

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Had AMS800 implanted Feb 2013.  It had worked faithfully until two weeks ago.  Lost it's hydraulic fluid.  Apparently happens in up to 13 percent of the cases.  So, the reservoir is not filling the cuff.  Different surgeon has ordered a ultrasound and will do a cystocopy to check my diagnosis.  She tried to reset the pump without success. 

What happened, I belive, is what I complained to the surgeon about fifteen months ago.    That there there is an errant hydraulic tube running crosswise under the urethra close to the surface of the perineum on which I have been sitting thereby grating on the cuff  causing the connection leakage.  The initial surgeon told me that he had done over 600 AUS800 implants worldwide and had to do revisions on only six.  He felt it was not necessary to do further surgery in my case and prescribed Amitriptlyne to squash the pain.

I'm not telling you this to discourage you.  After being incontinent following the initial prostectomy for ten years, the AMS 800 was God Sent.

I have no hesitation doing the further surgery to correct this problem.  Be sure your surgeon places the cuff around the uretha where you will not be sitting on it.

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