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Oligodendroglioma Grade II

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First, I want to thank everyone who posts on this site.  I have learned so much about my tumor as well as other type of gliomas and appreciate the sharing of experiences.  I had my surgery so quickly after being diagnosed I did not have the energy to research or join this network.  I would love to hear from others who have had to deal with Oligodendrogliomas.  I have read previous stories, but would like to read updates, experiences or those with a current diagnosis.  My history:  Diagnosed with an Oligodendroglioma Grade II in 2006 in my left perital lobe.  Had surgery at Duke Hospital in North Carolina and 99.9% removal.  No deletions.  Watch and wait program which was fine with me.  This past December 5mm of new growth was detected.  Fortunately, no annoying symptoms and no seizures.  My first clue back in 2006 was a really nasty migrane that the neuro doc in Colorado thought was a stroke.   I am currently researching treatments, tumor effects and the experiences of care takers as well as those who have gone through treatments.  If you have the time I would really like to hear your stories, even if you have already posted it.  I have visited past posts - all of which taught me something new.  Thank you....joy

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This was an older post. Not sure if you are still around this site?

Our story is much like yours! Message me if you are around and want to chat :)

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Same here, if you are still around please respond and I will share our journey with you as well.

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