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Appointment Update

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Hi all.  So, I met with the Urologic Cancer doc yesterday and he said the same thing as everyone else that once the tumor is removed, I should be cancer free.  The tumor looks very contained to just the kidney.  That was good news.  We will be scheduling surgery sometime in October.

The surgery type is still going to be an issue.  He is going to take some time to review my scans and discuss with a collegue what the best approach will be.  They want to try to do a partial robotic and save as much of the kidney as possible.  The tumor is 3.7 cm.  The problem is the location of the tumor. Mine is inside the kidney and pushes up near the ureter.  Due to the location, it may be hard to save the kidney or they may need to open me up.  My mom has polycystic kidney disease and both of my kidney's already have several cysts, so we want to take that in to account too.  He will be contacting me by Monday to let me know what the surgical plan is and then we will get it scheduled.  I got the impression though, that I need to be prepared for everything that day unless they decide to just remove the kidney laparoscopically.  

So, I feel better I suppose.  I was able to see the tumor on the scans and have a much better understanding of what  to expect.  Now it's just getting to that day.  

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In the summer they schedule the surgerys around the surgeon's golf games. With Baltimore in the playoffs they need to get that behind them. My daughter and 3 granddauughters live in Owings Mills. Just trying t keep your mind on something else


Whatever the doctor's decide, full or partial, lap, open or robot, you will be fine.



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I lived in Owings Mills for 10 years.  We moved about 2 years ago.  Small world.  

Go O's!!!

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It all really depends on the skill of your surgeon on partial or full.  My tumor was a little over 3cm and less then 1cm from the artery.  I lost very little of the kidney.



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An no, it all depends on location at this point as well, given the size is small.  PKD is sometimes..? considered to be genetic.  But if so, then it also skips generations, sometimes several generations.  My one Cousin's son has it, and no one else in either family has it.. go figure..?  So of course a partial is very desirable for sure.  Suggest getting a second surgery opinion from the absolute best you can find, even if that means traveling some distance.  Not sure where you are, but you may want to contact the NIH and inquire..

Good Luck..


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My intro to kidney cancer happened so fast that I never had any opportunity to research wether or not I had the best surgeon for the job. Just get it out anyway you can. That's all I knew.

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I spoke with the doc this morning.  They are going to schedule me for the parial robotic, but there is a possibility that it will become a full nephrectomy once inside.  He believes it's about a 60/40 chance that I will need to have the whole kidney removed.  It's purely based on the location of the tumor.  I am happy that they are going to at least see if they can save some of the kidney, but I am prepared for the worst.  I just want it out.

No date yet.  Waiting on the scheduler to give me a call and then we will get the ball rolling.

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Hope your surgery goes smoothly.


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Well, glad you know now what to prepare for. I found this forum so helpful before my surgery that I was not scared at all!

So know that we'll walk this journey of hope and healing along side you if you want us to be there.

Keep us informed as to how you are doing and when your surgery date is.

Sending you a gentle hug~

Warmly, Jan

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Thanks everyone.  Surgery is scheduled for October 9th.  I will let you know how I fare.

Best to you all.

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I am hearing a lot of chatter as to what is taking place in Balimore that week.



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I'm hoping it's Orioles related.  It seems this town is already on to football.  I will be routing for dem O's hon.  LOL.



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Now that the date is set, try to relax and forget it.  As terrifying as surgery sounds, once on the "other side" you know that the healing begins.

Stock up on books, DVR TV shows, for the recovery time.  Then buy a new pair of good walking shoes, so you can pamper your feet as you walk yourself back to a new healthy person.



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