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Survivors of stage IV lung cancer with several mets...

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Today I am overwhelmed.  Visits with my fiancee's doctors always seem to zap me for a while. 

My fiancee has what we think is primary lung cancer with mets to liver, pancreas, colon, and brain.  To say the least we are overwhelmed. 

WE are both trying to be optimistic each day.  Some days we are more quiet than others, because we are human.

But I am praying that we can beat this.  We have to as we are just beginning our lives together. 

My biggest plan right now is to give him something every day that he can look forward to...a goal. 

Right now I am looking for any survivor stories with lung cancer and mets.  I need inspiration and to not let a doctor's prognosis, outlook, body language, or facial look of pity get to me for my fiancee. 

The one thing we have going for us in our faith in God.  We cling to that each day.  <3


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Hi starrmick,

One year ago  on 08/07/2013 my dad was diagnose with lung cancer stage 4 with mets to the liver,  and adrenal gland they had only given him 2 months to live  they started his chemo right away . we have been blessed that my dad never had any reaction to the chemo which he received 3 times a week every 21 days, during chemo he would rest the whole week then he would return to work. Their will be good days and bad days. when he was first diagnose we did cry n it wasent easy because we didnt know what would happen, after 3 cycles of chemo the cancer had dissapeard 70%, by the next  3 cycles their was only 10 % left  by the next 2 cycle it was completed gone, But i had promised my dad that i will roll with him with the punches all the way . So I know what ur feeling iam still scared but i try to do every thing as possible . when he finished his chemo and everything came back negative after 8 cycles of chemo we resume our normal lifes my dad return to his normal life it has been a year and my father has celebrated another birthday. we have always had faith and believe that with god anything is possible. My father never had any symptoms just stomach pain which got him diagnose the firs time. On August 29,2014 js recently my dad started seeing blurry he went to the eye doctor 7 times to see what was going on hes  eye doctor did know he had history of lung cancer but said it had nothing to do with it but we decieded to go to his oncologist which he had to follow up in november but because of what was going on the doctor decieded to order an MRI of the brain which the called n said the cancer had mets to the Brain he has now finished his radiation n now we js have to wait. The best thing we can do is to keep motivated , keep the patient motived and never ever lose faith. My dad is still doing well has no symptoms now and thatswhat the doctors find strange. He is very positive about his cancer and says he will continue to fight, his fight is our fight , i will keep you and your fiance in my prayers just keep believing everything will be okay.

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Hi everyone.


My mom, aged 72, was diagnosed in August with Stage IV NSCLC with mets to the brain.  She is finished with her brain radiation.  She has had two weeks of cheme (we will follow a 2 week on, 2 week off regiment for 5 months) and is undergoing radiation for her lungs.  I am hoping that there are survivor stories out there to give us some hope.  We pray every day that the treatments are working, but right now it is a waiting game.

Thank you.


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  I am a survivor of two brain mets, one brain surgery to remove one tumor and have lost 1/2 a lung from a rare A.L.K. Mutated NSCLC lung cancer. I found out I had the first brain tumor May 5th 2012 when I naerly died from passing out in the shower due to massive brain swelling cause of course by the tumor. My story is on this site in this lung cancer forum. It's a LONG read but worth the read if you are going through this. There is hope although the facts of survival rate are scary indeed. How I survived I have no idea. All the doctors were shocked I survived just the swelling alone.


  I had a lot of devistating news, followed by unexplainable miracles. I AM a walking miracle as is ANY survivor. Pray and fight for his life like it depends on it, because it does. I got some bad *** scars out of the deal I dig showing off. Blows people's mind when I show them the head scar over my head from ear to ear, and explain what I survived. Shocked and impressed is the usual response. Usually drop jawed as well. I get a good firm hand shake from every guy I tell it to. It feels like it's out of respect for being tough enough to survive it all I guess. Funny right, hahaha. You're welcome to contact me about this if you like. Best wishes, prayers. good luck as well.



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Cancer Survivor and Fighter

I kick cancers *** everyday I am alive!

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I was dx in 2009 with lung cancer in 2010 it went to my brain I was stage 4 incurable and 3-6 months to live had whole brain radiation and then put on tarceva for the brain tumors as you can 4 1/2 yrs later im still here never give in to what you are told and don't give up . If you don't like what the dr says find another dr .my first dr gave up on me so I found another dr that had a positive attitude good luck keep us posted

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My dad who complained of right leg pain asked me to bring him to er. We thought it's arthritis and a shot will cure it just like it did 4 years ago. So we were shocked when he was refused the shot treatment and we were referred to an oncologist. That scared us...I know what kind of doctor that is. So 3 weeks ago, he was scheduled for a biopsy of a tumor they found in his lung. It took them 5 days to get the results and it confirmed the oncologist's suspicion: that it's malignant. He gave us a fancy name for the tumor (it's too long for me to remember) and told us that it's treatable and responds well to chemo. After his 1st cycle of chemo, we were told that it responded well and his lung has been cleared. But it has metastasized to his brain so he had to start a 2 1/2 weeks of radiation.

My dad is still in the hospital though because his blood count is not yet stable. We were told that this is a normal side effect of chemo. He had blood transfusions on thursday and Friday. His oncologist wants him to stay in the hospital until the end of radiation (which will be this coming Friday) so that he can continue to monitor him.

So it's a wait and see time for us too. Hopefully, he won't have any more complications after his radiation is done.

I'll keep your fiancée In my prayers and you can contact me if you want. keep he faith, he will be ok. If my 63 year old father is doing his best in bearing with the treatments, I'm sure that your fiancée can do it too.




p.s. My dad hasn't lost his hair and although he's weak, he stands and transfer to a chair on his own.

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