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Sore muscles

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After 3 1/2 years of chemo anyone experince sore aching muscles. My oncologist said it's not them. Could be menopause ? Oh pls!   I did fall four weeks ago and get avulsion frac in pelvis, which takes long time to heal. But this is crap.  Mind u went walking in pool two days ago. Coud explain why good leg aching 

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I don't have any advice for you but it is good to hear from you. How are you doing besides the muscle aches.

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Not too bad really. As warriors we soldier on till another. Hurdle like Kim has just posted. I had my two right lobes respected April and wedge the tumor in bottom.  I'm feeling very blessed but of course sore from the fall etc. Can't complain really. Had mammogram clear and colonoscopy clear.  Will have ct in month and hopefully get port out.  take care

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Maybe you have developed an intolerance to some foods. It happened to me after my chemo. I get joint and muscle pain if I eat bread and refined sugars.  Its mostly joint pain, but if I do any serious walking, the muscle pain is aggrivated. 

Just an idea for you to look in to. 

Sue - Trubrit

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Yes. Most definitely.

I try to stay well hydrated and also have added a multivitamin to my daily routine. Seems I was lacking a few of those! :)  Maybe worth having some levels drawn if you are unsure of their standing. 

Exercise, PT, and stretching is part of my means to combat also. 


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I get very serious cramping throughout my body but no muscle aches.  Just painful to walk on my feet if I've been laying or sleeping which last about 15 minutes.  For the cramping I eat lots of bananas and drink banana smoothies with coconut milk.

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Thanx all for your bits.  i will add and then try eliminate as I go.  Much appreciated xo

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Since having treatments my whole body has felt different.  I'm sure that most doctor's don't know the half of the side effects that come along with these treatments.  I'm sure menapause could cause some but what you've been through could also.  Hope you feel better soon.


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after chemo.  This was from a regimen that the crc people don't usually do, but still...I would think that many chemos have the potential to cause this problem, considering that it's a systemic treatment.

I take ibuprofen, some Vicodin, and use an ointment made with red peppers.  You don't want to get that stuff on your hands, but it does seem to really help!


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