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Any alternatives to hormonal therapy to reduce size of prostate

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About a year and a half ago I consulted with a Urologist about seed implants.  He said that my prostate was too large and that I would need to have hormonal therapy to reduce the size.  I am now considering seed implant but want to know if there are alternatives to hormonal therapy and the accompanyiing side effects.



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About six years ago, I asked the same question, for the same reason. I was told no, that hormones were the only way to shrink the prostate to a size they could use seeds. Also, they could not assure me that the hormones would shrink the prostate sufficiently to allow the use of seeds. I only talked to one doc about this.

But that was six years ago, things have changed a lot. There may be alternative approaches to solving the problem.

Best wishes and good luck.

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Thanks Beau2

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I was also thinking of having the seeds implant but prostate was enlarged. Have now been on HT for 5 months and had ultrasound done in June showing decrease in size if prostate and increased urine flow as well. My Urologist thinks that I should wait until after the second HT treatment will reassess the size  of prostate but thinks that it should be about the right size for seeds implant. I have not experienced much side effects apart from flushing and sweating mainly at night. I do exercise by jogging four times weekly and do some weights as well. Trust that would assist you. Good luck n keep well.




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Thank you all for your comments and input.  I really appreciate the 'family' sharing on this web site.

I have decided that seed implant is not the route that I will follow.  I am now researching cyber knife treatment.  I met with Michael Myers an oncologist in Vancouver WA.

He gave me helpful information about Cyber Knife.  

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