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Five Years Clean

Max Former Hodg...
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I just left my five-year wellness check with the NP, and reviewed the six month labs.  All were good, with none of the results suggestinng lymphomic activity.  I now return once a year for blood testing.

My PSA continues to climb (a test of the prostate) and they are referring me to a urologist who will advise me on that, but my number is just over the recommended high for my age, and the NP said she did not suspect anything. She further added that the urologist would most lkely just continue monitoring the PSA number, which the AMA is recommending be eliminated as a diagnostic tool for prostate cancer anyway.

I am also awaiting the results of a CT I had yesterday regarding a tiny spot on my lung, but every doctor who has commented on it said they would not be concerned.

I give thanks, and pray that we friends will still be discussing good results here ten years from now...


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That is great news, Max!  Happy Dance time !



Smile Rubik's cube animated gif


Max Former Hodg...
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I bet your new pup loves watching that one !  Threw out my hip just watching !  Cool

Mary N.
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Jim, you smile is amazing!

Anonymous user (not verified)

Wonderful news! We are leaving the mountain next week. It has been a wonderful summer despite the traffic accident and broken ankle. Get my first 6-month checkup since finishing Rituxan in November. Enjoy your life! I think you are cured and that is a real blessing!

Max Former Hodg...
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If you are like virtually everyone else here, going in for the six month results will be a bit nerve-racking, even for the strongest individuals. Bless your results in November.  Despite occasional nervousness, I have felt the lymphoma would never return to me, since I ended treatment. An intuition or something.  It has just been a feeling, which perhaps came from my oncologist, who told me the day I got my NED report that he had "scheduled me for port removal."  I asked if we perhaps should wait a little, and he responded  "No -- go get it out now."I love the Boone area, near where I think you said your place is. Actually, several regulars here are from  Asheville/Western NC parts.

Of the NLPHL old timers here, Aaron and Bill_NC had brief frights, which turned out to be nothing. As the old Billy Preston hit said, "Nothin from nothin leaves nothin."


To you GKH, and all who chime in,



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That is the greatest news Max, we are sooooo happy.  I am confident all will be okay with the CT and PSA.  Although we expected good news, it is a great relief to hear it officially.  Bill has to have PSA bloodwork for his next onc visit in a couple weeks, but we're not worried.

A happy day dear friend,


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Great news!!! I picture you running around singing the Happy Song!!!!


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Awesome News Max!!!

So happy to hear that you're doing good! I always enjoy reading your comments (you're a smart cookie) :D

sending you a Huge Hug! Take care




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Hi Max,

 That is just great news!  Let us know how the CT results come back...I'm sure just fine! Take care...Sue

Max Former Hodg...
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I was thinking of you yesterday Sue, and that you had not been around a lot recently.  I'm very happy to hear from you, and appreciate the kind resoponse. Always praying that you are well...


Max Former Hodg...
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Received that sweet hug...much appreciated !


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Great news MAX, wish you all the best.

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That is great news, Max. Congratulations! I bet you and your family are very happy about this.




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This is just the greatest news!!  I really believe in intuition and what that can tell us.  Good for you!!  Feeling that it was gone all along was a good thing too - less stress.  (The enemy to all)

Big hugs to you!  Enjoy!



Max Former Hodg...
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Rocquie and Donna,

Thanks to the both of you.   Donna, I compared your hug to Liz's from the other day, and they were very close to identical.

Both of you are professional huggers !




Mary N.
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That is wonderful news.  I wish for you at the very least another 5 years.  I went for my appointment yesterday thinking we would discuss stoppin the chemo but I have shingles so will have to wait for another scan and a month to see what my doc says.  I am hoping for that wonderful five year free report to join you soon!

Max Former Hodg...
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That is my wish for you also, Mary....



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I'm so happy for you and I hope one day everyone can say I'm a cancer survivor but mostly (I know I'm a dreamer :)) there would be no cancer because they will find something like a vaccine and given at birth so these cancer cells never develop and start dividing in the first place. :))

Today I had my 4th chemo and every time it gets a little tougher. I can't wait for it to be over and feel normal again.

You are a cancer survivor, Max!






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You are a Great Warrior Max and an inspiration of positive energy :-) 

I think i have read that 5 year NED is equivalent tobe considered as cured. Congrats on this milestone :-) and wish you all the very best..




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That is awesome news Max.  Congrats!!!



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That's great to hear max, I'm glad to see your still posting. Your insights have been and will continue to be so very helpfull to so many on this forum. Be well my friend

Max Former Hodg...
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Delighted, with a capital "D", to hear from you Aaron !

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Congrats on your five year- really like reading about that.  Serves as a reminder that there is a lot to celebrate!


congrats again

Max Former Hodg...
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Joined: May 2012

Thanks for the kind sentiments Laurie. I read your bio, and you have pretty much been through the wringer. It does not specify if you have finished treatment or gotten to remission, but I pray that such is the case for you, either now or very soon.


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