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Zytiga, time running out!

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Well first, I'm sorry that I have been off the radar, but I have been hiding in the Clouds! I'm here still and trying to fight back. I have been on Zytiga 2 years and 7months, so the  Zytiga has taken toll on me physically. In the last 6 months lower back and upper neck problems. Still going to MD Anderson Cancer Center and VA for treatment with a psa 2.6Laughing I have not had the PC on the front burner. MDACC still put me at stage 4 with a new tumor on my spine, but not in the bones.

I hope I can stay out of the Clouds!


hopeful and opt...
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I'm glad to see your post, Welcome back, you were missed.

You are a fighter, an inspiration to all.

I wish you the best.

Take care,

P.S. I hear that the eyes of Texas are on Gov Perry....another soap opera in the good old USA.


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Dear Ralph

Here you are again with your gentleness. Your posts were missed very much, though, I thought you were looking into us from somewhere. Never thought on the Clouds.

I am happy for knowing that things are OK regarding PCa. Zytiga managed to keep the bandit on the canvas but at a cost. Which would have been better choice is difficult to prioritize. I think you decided well. Now I hope it continuously keeps things as good and that you find a way to improve on the effects.

Best wishes.


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I have been watching for your post hoping all is well, we have to stay positive. My oncologist has offered Zytiga as one option to me, also Xtandi and a clinical trial. Time for me to make some decisions as my PSA is slowly rising now at 1.3. You have been in my prayers and I will keep praying, God bless you friend.


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John, There is no doubt, that Zytiga is the right choice. Zytiga has kept my PSA at around 1.0 to 1.6 for two year. Then it started to rise up to 2.0 to 2.6 in the last 6 months. MDACC is got approval for Enzalutamide without Chemo and will move me to it in October. I heard great results from this drug, this new drug side of effect are worst than Zytiga, but it is better than pushing up daisy. Whatever the case is for you, I hope and pray the best for you.


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