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Shrinkage!!! on clinical trial

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My dad's latest scan yesterday showed shrinkage in all lung and lymph node mets! Seems that the smaller ones decreased more dramatically than the larger mets, but we are hoping for continued shrinkage during the next scan in October!  My dad is on Roche/Genentech's MPDL3280a infusions every 3 weeks at Yale-New Haven with pretty tolerable side effects (fatigue the longest lasting, and some mild flu like symptoms for a couple of days after each infusion). MPDL3280a is an anti-PD1 Ligand. He began this trial just about 3 months ago and will continue to see how it goes! Such a relief. Our prior 8 week span of "watch and wait" to get a better picture of what was going on showed "moderate" growth in all mets, but at least no new ones during that time.

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Awesome..!  thanks for sharing..!!!


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you are happy that you went to Yale.

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