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It happened to Me
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Hi all,  I have been trying to find boxes of cards to send to people who have/had cancer for encouragement and that have some humor.  I found that the cards I liked the best were the one's that made me laugh.  I enjoyed the more serious one's but laughing was better for me.   Does anyone know a store or a website that sells humorous cards for cancer patients and survivor's?    Thanks all.


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My daughter sent me the best cards when I was in treatment.  She got them on etsy.  I'll ask her for specifics and get back to you.  I remember one was about a bad hair day and the drawing had a head with one hair sticking up.  I loved it.

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Just a suggestion!!! Vistaprint does a great job and inexpensive.  You can make up your own card.  They do a great job and good price, will definitely be cheaper than buying regular cards and you can personalize them.

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