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Amazing comaraderie

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I just want to take a moment and comment how impressive everyone is. Despite everyone experiencing life changing circumstances, the unselfish support of each other is mind blowing. At a time when being a bit ego-centric would be understandable, I have seen very few people be so. The character everyone demonstrates is remarkable. Awesome, awesome display of compassion. Always ready to lend an encouraging word of hope and promise. You guys are incredible. Group hug and Karma for everybody. We do this together.

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You are the hero to those who have struggled the hardest. I can only personally relate to those who have had an easier road.The common bond is that if left unchecked all of us have had to face a disease that could hve killed us, but for the fact that we were diagnosed before it did. May the lives of each of us and those hat follow in the future be easier as a result of early detection the details of which will hopefully emerge in our's or our children's lifetimes.




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This site has sure helped me.  I too have had it "easier" than most and yet - it's still Cancer

I was awake last night thinking/worrying about it.  Coming back to this site and reading things from people like you, Fox and Iceman, keep me from dwelling on it too long.

But sometimes those x-mas carals just can't get out of your head!



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     I can still remember the Doctor saying that dreaded word to me like it was yesterday!  This can't be happening to me, this only happens to other people!  I was in and out of the hospital for the next year and half! And, then I found this sight, and was just amazed at the support happening here!  We have love and support from our families, but its just not same as talking to someone who knows exactly what your thinking, how you feel, and how you are crying one moment and promising to fight for your life the next moment, because we are talking to others that are going through the same thing.  I am so thankful for the people that I have had the pleasure of talking to and I thank God everyday for all of the help, strength, love, support, and most importantly, the ability to laugh again!

                                          As always, prayers for good health!


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I'm in awe of those who struggle hardest yet are consistently here helping others and offering compassion and advice. This site saved my sanity prior to my surgery by putting things into perspective. For that I thank each and every one of you.

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I have been away on vacation - no internet....which can be a good thing! So I haven't been in touch with you guys.

Foxy, I agree wholeheartedly - this is a wonderful group that shows compassion, support, humor, kindness, thoughtfulness....the list goes on and on.

I am honored to know you - even if it is just via internet - and look upon you all as my family. I always say - and will keep saying - this group is the silver lining of this awful disease.

I love you all.

Big Hugs


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This is a very lovely thread, hugs to all x

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..of course that is my opinion. This has been all the therapy I have needed to keep me from sceaming sometimes. No one else really understands. Especially when times are a bit trying. I am so proud of everyones strength. There is a lot of love here. Thank you.

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