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A very happy day

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We got the results of Bill's first CT scan since being on the miracle drug Ibrutinib.  There is scant evidence of any lymph nodes left.  The doctor and nurses are thrilled and of course so are we.  I have been a nervous wreck!  This new target drug for relapsed B cell lymphoma is such a hope.  Although it has only been released from clinical trials for Mantle Cell, I have read that they can use it for other B Cells if needed. 

Thank you all for being such a support, Becky

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That is really good news, Becky!  Thank you.  So hopeflly there is something new for some of us to fall back on I hope.

Hugs to you both and celebrate!


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That's great news Becky!! Glad to hear that the Ibrutinib is working for Bill.



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Bill & Becky, this is a very happy day indeed. Personally, I was ready for some good news.

Congratulations and much love,



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I just got home from number six and it was rough. First time that I had massive vomiting. And I still get fevers every night.....BUT THIS NEWS IS GREAT AND MAKES ME FEEL MUCH BETTER. THANKS!!!!!!

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So glad to see some good news. DoIMF a happy dance for you two. 


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Happy for you. keep the good news comming. wish you all the best. 

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Hi Bill and Becky,

 I am so happy for you! Good news is always better when shared! Thanks so much for telling us.  I will keep Bill in my prayers for continued "LONG TERM" success!!! Love...Sue

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Awesome news Bill & Becky!
I'm happy for you both...this medicine gives hope to many of us with indolent lymphomas. Thank you for sharing and please go out and do something nice and relaxing, you both deserve it. (((Huge HUGS)))


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....for your support.  As usual you are all awesome.


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Great news about the ibruntinib!!!  So happy that it's working so well for Bill!  Love that happy news!!!




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so happy to hear of your wonderful news!!!



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It's always good to hear from you both.  We have missed you Mike but we all appreciate it when you check in.  Everyone is very busy nowadays.  Hope you are doing well.  Just read your other message so it looks like everything is doing good.  Congrats on your new home and hope you enjoy many years there.  We love good news.


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Yes, been MIA.

However, beyond thrilled to see this as the first post I see!!! Smile Soooo happy to read this!



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Joined: Aug 2012

It's always so great to hear from you.  Seems like things are still going great for both of you, which makes us all that much more happy Smile


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Happy to hear this positive news...Laughing



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Thank you Bill & Becky. I am just soooo happy to hear everything is working out for you all.


Sending all our love,

Michelle & Kyle

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Hello Bill and Becky:

Very happy to hear that you, Bill, are doing so well on the miracle drug, Lbrutnib.

I have not read about it, but have been out of the loop for awhile, due to having  cardiac surgery (two valves replaced) and a HACKED computer.  What a combo.

I wish you nothing but happy days from now on.


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I am so glad to hear this!!

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