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Dad has developed a Stage 4 pressure ulcer. He has not been able to walk since April due to sciatica from RCC. Broke both arms at hospital when he fell going to restroom.He has only took one round of Votrient. Hopefully he can start back this Wednesday when he goes back to the oncologist. Praying he will be walking soon.

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Praying along with you!!



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Oh dear.. so very sorry for what you and your father are going through~poor guy.

Yes, you both will be in my thoughts and prayers. Hope he improves real quickly.

Gentle hugs,


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Prayers and lots of hugs for you and your Dad!

                       Prayers for good health,


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I'm so sorry to hear this.  As if he didn't already have enough to deal with.  I know that when I was on Votrient and considering thyroid surgery, I was told I would have to stay off of Votrient for 5 weeks because it affects wound healing.  I hope that is not the case.  Either way, I'm praying for you both.


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The wound is the reason they can not give Votrient right now. They said the wound would not heal.

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Your poor Dad. That sounds horrible. I will be praying for you both.

Hugs Melissa

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So sorry about your dad  prayers being sent.

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I'm praying for your Dad adn Hugs coming your way!

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Prayers and big hugs for both you and your dad.  I can't imagine what he is going through with that ulcer.Frown

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Dad was admitted to hospital with high calcium. Dr said he only had a couple months to live. Only God knows that.

I am alive
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I see from your history that your dad had an RCC diagnosis & nephrectomy in 1990 and had his first recurrence earlier this year - 24 years later. May I ask how he discovered the recurrence, where and how large it was? One metastasis or many? How old is your dad? Is he seeing an RCC specialist with deep knowledge of the newer drugs, treatments, etc? I pray you doc is wrong about having only months to live. Have you gotten a second opinion? Let us know what area of the country you live in - we might be able to suggest experts within driving distance.

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Some very good questions were brought up by I am alive. Don't give up!

Big Hugs,


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a great big group Karma. We pull together as a unit.

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He was having sciatica. Could not walk without walker.He is 67. He took Votrient. ONE Round. Developed pressure ulcer and now he is not able to take mods until the sore heals. Dallas area.

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Sorry to hear about your dad and wish him the best ahead. We all want the best outcome so  being a caregiver for my wife with a coccyx wound for past 11 months I have been with all specialists available here for wound care and the best progress was with injections of ceftriaxone . Maybe ask your care providers if this could be of any benefit to him. To prevent any more sores and help relieve pressure on existing one I purchased a medical grade Australian Sheepskin ( Green ) . We are down to 3 wound care per week. With all the treatments she had it may never heal 100%

I felt that anything positive towards the wound care should be shared . Good Luck ahead



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Do they have a wound vac on the ulcer to heal it quicker?

I am alive
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MD Anderson is in Houston. World-class RCC specialists there. Perhaps your dad goes there already. But if he doesn't, might be worth a trip there to get a second opinion. 

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Prayers,stregth and hugs to you and your father.

Hopes that things start getting better soon and they never stop improving



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