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Update on me

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I want to thank True Brit for her interest. I have kept up on everybody and I really feel as you are my family. This has been a really bumpy ride over the last 5 years. I have had five surgeries and a million "it feels like it" hospital stays. I also suffer from epilepsy as well as hypercoagulation problems. I actually saw my new oncologist yesteday and he was upset at some test numbers. My regular oncologist moved to Oregon and thank God was able to help in November for my last surgery. The surgeon here refused to do the surgery and said it was over her head. I did fly to Oregon and have the surgery then my dad died a few weeks later so I put some things on hold and I called my oncologist in Oregon and let her know my latest symptoms and about some family history that my dad had kept from me and it was shocking and scary. She wanted a number of things done but my husband just had a total hip replacement and I wanted to make sure he was up and on his feet incase things went south. I had to explain to my new onc why I had waited so long. So needless to say and not to make this a GIANT story I have tests coming up and the doc was pretty frank on what he thinks. I kind have thought the same thing. I knew when I had the colon cancer before the doc told me. He is looking at liver and lungs. I am not going to worry until I have to. Right now this very minute until the tests prove otherwise I am ned. If the tests say something else you will all probably here the yell. I have watched all of you very brave and positive people go through some really tough things and still come out on top and that is my goal. I want to be like each and everyone of you. Mind you I am a giant coward. Thank you for reading this and all of the support.

Giant hugs to all, barb

p.s. Just to let you all know I am on a ton of seizure meds and I tend to ramble or sometimes write things that don't make sense. My brain is degrading with time. I am fortunate that I still know who I am. That is a joke. ha

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That is why we are here, to listen and to care. 

It is such a rough road you are travelling, and to have your husband going through major surgery as well, that has to be such a stressful time. I have a few freinds who have had partical hip surgery, and have bounced right back so I hope your husband with the total hip replacement, is doing well.

It must be terribly hard when your Oncologist moves, especially when you've found one that you are totally comfortable with. I hope your new one turns out to be just as good.

Don't be a stranger. I know some of you lurkers like to read and keep to yourself, but remember we care about you just as much as those who post their life story (that would be me. HA!).

Cyber hugs and may your next results be NED. 

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Cancer is an enormous enough ordeal to have to deal with, so it would at least help if other life issues could be put on hold at least until a more placid period arrives, but of course that's not how life works. You have my condolences for your father's passing, and I wish the very best for your husband's recovery from his hip replacement. As my mother has discovered too, major life ordeals can reveal to us reserves of strength that we never realized we had, and it sounds to me like you have a whole arsenal of reserves to be able to be so strong and proactive for yourself as well as for your family. You definitely DO NOT sound like a coward to me! 

In addition to your own strength, family and friends are essential to help you endure these kinds of challenges, and you should feel that all of us here are friends who are here to listen, to exult in your joys, and to offer a sympathetic ear when you need to vent about troubles.

I wish you all the very best and hope to hear good news from you soon.

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Your tale of strength reminds me to be grateful for the good things in life.  I've learned so much from the strength of others on this board.  I'm new to the board and mostly a lurker BUT it seems to me that some days you're being pushed along by the support of others and other days your pulling someone along to give them support.  Every life story I read is filled with determination.  You're doing such a great job advocating for yourself and keeping your husband's health in mind.  I will add you to my prayers and wish for the very best.


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