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Should be out of Stanford by July 4th Whooo Hooooo UPDATE: OUT OF HOSPITAL

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Ended up here Wednesday, (so had a full week home before returning) same stomach pains I had before surgery, they did CT Scan, had air in body where air isn't supposed to be, had an intestinal bowel ulcer (hole in intestine), low grade fever, high white cell count.  Have been on antibiotics and pain killers since Wednesday and of course wonderful life sustaining fluids via IV, tomorrow is a big day for me, I get to drink clear fluids, in other words I'm drooling over the thought of a tall glass of iced water, it's going to taste so good, I can just feel it!!!

The hole has been working it's way shut, which is why I've not been allowed fluids or food, so it could keep on working and save body from surgery.  So far it is doing what it is supposed too!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

Winter Marie

Oh and got to meet Nana B while she was here, she came up to meet me, as wonderful in person as on here :) Enjoyed it very much.

UPDATE:   Follow orders, be good and you can go home tomorrow (husband has colonoscopy Wednesday and no one to take him) so I am going home tomorrow!!! Hip Hip HooRay!!!!

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Just when you think its all going the way you want it to. You always sound so upbeat, which is good for your healing, but still, what a pain. 

How neat that you got to visit with Nana. How did you find her (or she you?). 

I'd love to meet someone from the forum, but maybe under better circumstances. 

Continue to heal and take good care of yourself. I will appreciate my glass of water tonight, nowing how you long to have one. 


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A drink of water can just sound so good!   How fun that you were able to meet Nana!   Wish you well so that you can stay on schedule and get home by the 4th!


Cathleen Mary
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Good grief, Winter Marie, you have been though a lot. So sorry. I hope the healing continues without surgery...you deserve a break.  

How wonderful to meet someone from here in person. I am sure that you and Nana had a great visit.

Hang In! Prayers that all continues in a good direction.


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So sorry that you are still there and why you are there.  I'm hoping that you get to enjoy a cold beverage soon because you deserve it.  Hope that hole closes up soon and you get to be coming home.  Sending you lots of love, prayers and best wishes for you to come home to your own bed soon.


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Nana b
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Yes!  Me too!  Want you home and in your bed. Get well, it was great meeting you and I will see you on my next trip to Stanford.  


Get well! 

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Meeting Nana was great, her husband and her are beautiful on the inside and out, and she's got the most bubbly humorous personality.

So far I met JoeMetz, Kathi, and Nana, everyone of them were beautiful people, everyone of them full of life, and you cannot find better then that.  I guess this is why we are a great group.

And today is special I get to have 300 ML of water!!!! OMGosh I am looking forward to that (they're bringing me the measured amount and I'm to take all day drinking it) with great excitement.

Today is my grandson's fourth birthday party, they had put it off from two weeks ago to today, so that I could be healed from hospital stay, alas, at least they will skype me for the Birthday song and when he opens my present (I had to give them my card and ask them to pick up the present) and remind them that I bought a Spider-Man pinata and that the stuff to fill it up is in large sack on table, waiting to go in, I told them they absolutely had to video tape a four year old hitting the Pinata (if he will, he loves Spidey).

Wonderful day to all!!! (I'm feeling so much better today!).

Winter Marie

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Nana b
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Great to hear. Feeling better us good.   Thanks for the kind words, ditto. 

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Feel better and heal quickly!


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So sorry to hear about your latest ordeal. You are certainly a real fighter as I have said before. I am glad you at least got to meet Nanab. Enjoy that glass of ice water.

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I hope you will heal well, dear one.  You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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And here I thought you were just the welcoming committee for Raquel!

So sorry to hear you are going through "stuff" again. Hope you enjoyed your "drink". Maybe broth will follow soon.

Luv Ya,


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Congratulations. I have had 5 stints in Stanford Hospital ( thoracic surgery) and they were all great to me.

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I'm only on my fourth stay.

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Did they give you an idea of how long you will have to stay?

So happy for you that none of this stuff was cancer, and that things are healthy enough to heal on their own without surgery.  That seems like a very good sign to me.

You are one tough gal!

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That's wonderful news.  You will be sleeping in your own bed very soon and then feeling so so so much better.  Hope your recovery goes well and fast.


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After an ileostomy reversal I developed a fistula. Had a bag on that for six weeks.  BUT IT HEALED ITSELF FROM THE INSIDE OUT ! !  So the body can Heal itself! Good luck to you.



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So glad you're healing and going home tomorrow.  Yay!  Hope hubby's colonoscopy goes well.

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Winter Marie,

So glad you're out!  How fabulous that you and Nana b got to meet.  She is an awesome lady (haven't met her in person yet) and so are you so it must have been great.  Get rest and keep getting better!




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your resting easy in your own bed... Prayers for a speedy recovery.

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