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Linda Liess Passing

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Can't exactly remember her screen name but was something like liliess. Diane Tavegia sent me a message that she had passed away on 1/6/13.  It might have been posted but I've not seen it and she was a member when Diane and myself was recently diagnosed in 2008.  She had done good for some time and then quit posting and when I'd written her she said she was doing well so figured she had just moved on.  Remember sending her numerous private messages that never got answered so thought she was living life.  She was a good person and had a lovely little girl.  Wishing her family the best even though it has been a 1 1/2 since her passing.  Keep her in your thoughts and prayers for another warrior that has been brought to Heaven.


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but I will definitely think of her little girl.  How cruel life is to take a mother aways. 

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Nana b
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I remember her.  Sad.


Almost 6 years on this board, I had a different join date, left and came back, but I have seen many people pass and I try to always remain positive and it's hard at times, but then I think.... I've made it six years, what a blessing. 


So sorry for the loss of her life, and motherless children.  Too sad.  Way too sad.  


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I knew Linda had passed, a few months after George.  At the time I was so very surprised because she had been doing quite well.  She was traveling from Kansas to MD Anderson (if memory serves).  I, too, had e-mailed with her a few times then suddenly nothing.  I googled her name and came upon the death notice.  I also remember someone else mentioning it to me.  Something must have gone terribly wrong very fast.   She was quite young, in her 40's.  It is truly, so very sad.

Take care - Tina

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