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Had my first follow-up abdominal scan...

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And now I'm kind of uncertain of what happens now. I literally just went had my ct done, and when it was done they told me nothing. Not when to schedule the next scan, when to call to get results or when they would call if that's what they are going to do. Never saw the urologist either. Only things they asked me was if I was allergic to contrast and how much I could put down on my remaining balance. Guess I'll give them a call tomorrow and see where to go from here, is this how things are supposed to work?

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I would assume the results will be sent to the person (urologist/ocnologist/surgeon) who ordered the scan so I would call his or her office and say you want to make an appointment to discuss the findings. 

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Sometimes you can request a copy of the scans with the notes from the person who read them  prior to getting the results from your doctor.  I know some people do this to help them get their questions ready for the actual appointment with the Urologist.

Depends on the hospital and doctor.  I have heard some people on here get them the same day electronically, which sounds great. 

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I do have a copy of the ct scan itself, though not the report on it. I got the copy just minutes after having the scan. With my own untrained eye I see nothing remarkable which is a good thing I guess. My kidney looks like a kidney again, albeit with a dimple in it now. So really the only two questions I have for the doc are when do I get my next scan and why does my right side hurt so much when the surgery was on my left? Oh and to let him know that he was wrong about his thinking my little tumor was not responsible for my unintended weightloss, the original reason I even started going to the doctor that led to the discovery of said tumor. I lost just over 60 pounds in about 6 months, since the surgery 6 months ago I've gained 40 pounds, with no change in diet. That's not proof the cancer was responsible but it sure is compelling evidence to me that it likely was.

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Just talked to them, apparently I left early. Yet I was never told I was going to see the urologist. And so now supposedly they'll call me back if they find anything abnormal, other than that they are going to mail me a letter when its time to schedule my next ct scan, whenever that'll be, 6 months, a year, who knows, the nurse couldn't tell me.

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I certainly would get a copy of the written report. I dont' trust anything, anymore. All too often there are things there that they fail to mention because it isn't their bodies or their loved ones.. There probably isn't anything on your report to worry about, but just the same, get a copy. Either from your doctor or the place that did the scan. It is your right to have it.. We get it every time for our mom when she has her scans. We actually have it before the dotor does..

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Well, I just got a letter from my urologist's office telling me to schedule an appointment with him as soon as possible, because "he feels its very important for me to see him". Something tells me if it was anything serious they would have called me. I think they just want to bill my insurance for an office visit actually.

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That whatever it is - is "good". 

Agree that a call would be more urgent - so hopefully it is just a "updating" visit.

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