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GI Pain during RCHOP

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Hi all,

New to this network. Stage 3 DLBCL in nodes and T CELL in bone marrow. After first RChop infusion 1 1/2 weeks ago I continue to experience lower GI pain and cramping. Not really constipated, although that was problem at first. Resolved for the most part, but the severe cramping remains. Any comments on this would be welcome.


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Welcome to the group.  Sorry you have to be here but you will find supporting and caring folks here.  I'm sorry you're having issues with cramping and hopefully you have discussed this with your medical team.  You said you had constipation in the beginning (pretty normal with chemo).  I'm assuming you were given/took some kind of laxative for the constipation?  That could be part of the issue but only a guess.  Definitely discuss with your doctor if you haven't already to make sure something else isn't going on.  You may have to modify your diet as well.

It would help if you would complete the "about me" section of your profile so we have more details and assist better.  I hope you get the issue resolved and please know you re not alone here.  I had DLBCL and am going on 3 years in remission.  Lymphoma is very treatable and DLBCL is considered curable :).  I'm sure others will respond soon.

Big hugs,


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Hi Marsha and welcome to the group. 

Although my diagnosis was different, I had R-CHOP 8 times. The good news is that it worked for me! I have been in remission for over a year.

The not so good news is that I had every possible side-effect from it. And one of them was the abdominal cramps you describe. My doctor prescribed senekot to prevent constipation. For me, it did not work--all it did was cause horrible, horrible cramps. (Not going into graphic detail here). But I threw that stuff out! With my nurse's help, I learned what worked for me. If I took a pediatric dose of old fashioned milk of magnesia on the first few days of chemo, everything workout out (painlessly) and as naturally as could be expected. 

I hope this helps and once again, welcome to the group.




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